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So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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American tipping culture is a cancer.


u/Anxious-Sir-1361 Jan 15 '22

I'm Canadian; the tipping culture is similar. What bothers me is what I call the “good-looking girl” subsidy. These are waiting jobs at chic spots where the waitresses bring in 6 figure tips per year (before they become real estate agents), more or less for being hot. I'd rather the tips are for those that need them.


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u/rockdoc21 Jan 15 '22

Cactus Club?🤣


u/Anxious-Sir-1361 Jan 15 '22

Yep, I'm from Edmonton originally and 100% both of these spots.


u/TRU35T0RY Jan 15 '22

Can confirm I'm from edmonton also. A friend used to date one (still might be) but around the time they met he would brag about her being balling and paying for shit. I found out she was a waitress and it blew my mind.


u/Anxious-Sir-1361 Jan 15 '22

Oh yeah, those girls are 100% ballers. I was pointing out in another reply, loads of them ars super cool too. Just taking advantage of a systematic opportunity, it's not like they created it... There's a perverse demand, for the attention of attractive people.


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u/judithishere Jan 15 '22

Someone in my family works at Joey in the US and it's exactly the same there.