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So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/nanais777 Jan 15 '22

This type of thing annoys me. You shouldn’t have to depend on people’s “goodwill.” It’s pretty stupid that we put it on the customer and NOT on the employer to pay living wages. Put the cost of paying a living wage into the prices and now people know what they can afford without sacrificing the workers pay. Insane that some workers depend on a person’s “charity.”


u/Additional_Habit9012 Jan 15 '22

Those who are tipped on a regular basis like severs make more than minimum wage with tips. They don't want the system to change because if just got paid minimum wage they would make less.

The system benefits both the employer and the tipped staff but not the patrons or the staff not deemed "tip worthy" like the people actually making your food. Waitiers in general do not want mandatory tips to go away.


u/geon Jan 15 '22

If the tip was abolished, the employer would have to advertise a fixed hourly rate instead, and would have to compete with other restaurants.

Employees would not have to accept minimum wage, but could choose to work for someone else.

All the tip is doing for the employee is to muddy the waters. Since the employer does not pay their wage, they can not negotiate. They can not know in advance how much they will make, and they can’t look for a better waiting job.


u/Diligent_Ad_8238 Jan 15 '22

This point entirely negates the chance that there are more people willing to work as a waiter for minimum wage than their are waiting-on jobs. You could say what you’ve just said about any job but it just isn’t true. Whether or not the power to set wages is in the hands of the employer or employee depends on unemployment rates and the state of the economy which currently aren’t in the employees favour at the moment.

I don’t agree with tipping culture and the lack of minimum wage in the US for waiters, just pointing out that a minimum wage wouldn’t have the effect you described.


u/redvinebitty Jan 15 '22

The wait staff will tell if you can’t tip, don’t go out to eat. They’re broke n a$77 tab