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So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/Miserable-Extreme-59 Jan 14 '22

'i said i was broke. i didnt say i manage money well.'


u/peanut-__- Jan 15 '22

OP did not mention how many people were dining. What if this person is hard working and poor, and can only afford this outing once a year and truly doesn’t have much money?


u/thrwwy2402 Jan 15 '22

Fucking thank you! I was thinking this too. I hardly eat out if ever, but if I am craving something after a long month then I am going to try to treat myself and my family. Also, this could have been a take out.

If this was a $1000 restaurant bill then yeah, dudes a terrible person at worst, or just really bad with money.

Bunch of high horse morons in this post. Not what antiwork should be about.


u/ILaughAtFunnyShit Jan 15 '22

I think it's hilarious when people try to group shit like this into antiwork hoping to garner support and outrage that someone didn't tip them only for the comments to basically all be about how tipping is stupid and your boss should be the one paying you more.

If you're upset that you aren't being paid enough don't get mad at the customer for not giving you free money for doing your job. Get mad at your boss for not paying you to do the job they hired you to do.


u/[deleted] Jan 15 '22

I hate this sub now. Everything that gets touched by these billionaire cock sucking Americans gets ruined. Even the mods have allowed this post for so long. This sub was about the uber rich multimillionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share of taxes but these Americans would rather choose to shit on middle class and lower class families and lick billionaire balls all day long. At this point I don't think they deserve even basic shit like paid vacation or long maternity leaves for themselves which even some third world countries already have. I hope Trump wins next time and makes their billionaires even more richer and pay more PPP loans to all businesses while shitting on these workers. Let them enjoy their self imposed slavery.


u/[deleted] Jan 15 '22

Bro bro im american and i hate these kinds of posts too please dont doom us all for the actions of a few :") we're literally brainwashed from day one to accept the status quo and even enforce it. We are convinced that this is the price of freedom, we are convinced the american dream is possible for anyone and that those that cant achieve it are just lazy. We are literally TAUGHT this from childhood. Many people who are vehemently against any change are completely and utterly brainwashed. Your anger makes sense but holy hell calm down a bit.


u/[deleted] Jan 15 '22

I'm sorry but I always talk about worker issues in my daily life. Even fight for those who don't get their fair wage but then these people come and make me feel like shit. I constantly argue and quarrel in real life to try and garner support against the uber rich class just so these jerks won't ever have to rely on tips ever again. I've spent a good amount of my time and energy trying to educate people about their rights. But tbh if someone's poor ass tries to go against the lower class and the middle class you bet I'm never ever going to support them. And I'll also tell my peers and acquaintances to do the same. Maybe the boomers were right about server jobs being meant for kids only.


u/Aconite_72 Jan 15 '22

don’t get mad at the customer for not giving you free money for doing your job

Okay, I agree with most of your sentiment but this is just uncalled for. Tipping is supposed to reflect the quality of service. If you serve well, you’re given extras for your dedication. It’s not “free money”.

I’m not saying that the toxic tipping culture in America is good, but saying that it’s “free money” is insulting for the workers.


u/Educational_Shoober Jan 15 '22

But it's not a reward if it's expected/guilted, is it? All that is happening is we're expected to give some extra money in addition to the agreed on transaction or we're shamed.

Nobody hands the checkout clerk at the store an extra $10 for providing good service. Nor a nurse or plumber or almost anything else. The guy wasn't wrong, it's people getting mad at the customer for not giving them free money when it's their employer who should be paying them.


u/Aconite_72 Jan 15 '22

Like I said in my comment, I'm not talking about the toxic kind of "tipping" that's prevalent in America. Outside of the US, tipping is optional and is given when the servers provided excellent service that the customers are happy enough to pay extras.

Since tipping is a thing outside of the US and that most service staffs earned their money fair and square, it's terrible to say that it's "free money". And I have no doubt that there are many servers in the US who rendered excellent service and deserve every penny that receive in gratuity, too.


u/Educational_Shoober Jan 15 '22 edited Jan 15 '22

The original comment your replied to was specifically talking about servers who get upset that the customer didn't tip. Regardless of location, the moment that happens it is no longer a reward but an expectation. They expect the customer to give them free money outside of the agreed transaction with the establishment.


u/Aconite_72 Jan 15 '22

Oh … fair enough. I probably read too quickly.


u/[deleted] Jan 15 '22

Bro servers in america do NOT deserve the large amount of tips they recieve when they receive them. Tips are based on how much the bill was, its common courtesy to give AT LEAST 15% and people like op will be actively mad at you if you dont, no matter how good their service actually was. The amount of service to tips is extremely disproportionate and almost never adequately equates to quality.


u/[deleted] Jan 15 '22

It absolutely is free money. Its expected no matter how good your service is. Op was upset because they didnt tip on a large bill AS EXPECTED. tips in america are nor for hard work or due diligence, theyre there to benefit employers and direct all anger at customers instead of them.


u/kbruen Jan 15 '22

If you serve well, you're supposed to get a tip of zero because you should serve well by default. Otherwise, fucking quit.

Tipping should be resolved by "holy shit, this person went so out of their way for us to have a good time!".


u/Aconite_72 Jan 15 '22

You’re not getting what I’m trying to say. In my country, a tip is given when you’re going above and beyond for your service. Yes, the base service should be good and the employee has to be fairly remunerated, but the spirit of tipping is that it’s given for excellent service.

So, really, saying that it’s “free money” is unfair. Waiters/waitresses in other places outside of America got tipped, too, and they’re all given tips because their service is spectacular.


u/EatYourWeeds Jan 15 '22

Also curious I haven’t seen anyone consider maybe this person was getting food for people who couldn’t go out due to illness or injury and had a specific budget. What if this person needed to not cook that night, for any number of reasons that have nothing to do with being an asshole? I’m pretty sure an asshole wouldn’t have thought or cared to say anything about not tipping.


u/3V1LB4RD Jan 15 '22

I can’t afford to eat out either. But when I do, I fucking make sure I have enough to tip my waiter. If not, I don’t fucking eat out.

When I visit my home country (ever several years because, once again, I can’t afford it), then I eat out more often because I can actually afford it and I don’t need to tip.

But when in America, I refuse to exploit servers. It’s that’s fucking simple.


u/Aegi Jan 15 '22

Hey, we don’t come here to actually empathize, we come here to be angry!


u/TriiCop Jan 15 '22

“ outing once a year”? Bruh even minimum wage isn’t that horrible tf?