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So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/Erect_Llama Jan 15 '22 Wholesome Take My Energy

One of the biggest things in America I'll never understand is why tipping is so important. Like why tf can't the server's get paid a decent wage? Why do they live off of tips?


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Gummy bears


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All of which are American dreams.

All of which are American dreams.

All of which are American dreams,

All of which; Are American; dreams!


u/Castr8orr Jan 15 '22

Damn, came her to say exactly this

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u/TheSportingRooster Jan 15 '22

Advertising, if the menu prices were 20% higher the competition would come up with tipping so their prices would look lower.


u/AliBarberTheSecond Jan 15 '22

But that's not how the real world works outside of the US.


u/Thillidan Jan 15 '22

EXACTLY THIS. We dont have tipping in Australia. we have a minimum wage that can afford to work 40hrs weeks and live.


u/problematicusername2 Jan 15 '22

Yeah but the Australian housing market is fucked even worse than the US market is, so I’m told


u/TheSportingRooster Jan 15 '22

Go on, I’m listening. Any articles to read on this?


u/AliBarberTheSecond Jan 15 '22

Probably the same people telling you that Australia is forcing anyone with covid into camps where they can't even access their mobiles or talk to their families. Housing market is the same as anywhere else in the world.


u/problematicusername2 Jan 15 '22

I’ve never heard this.


u/AliBarberTheSecond Jan 15 '22

Glad to know that, there was a fair bit of shit being shared about it recently.


u/Post_Malogne Jan 15 '22

Americans love to get outraged without doing any research to further legitimize said outrage. It’s become a recreational sport at this point here.


u/Post_Malogne Jan 15 '22

This is where I get confused with my fellow Americans and you lovely folks abroad. It’s a service industry. Even if I knew my server was paid a decent wage; if I was given good service I would still tip them. It’s why it’s called gratuity.

Paying $77 for a meal out and then stating you’re broke and won’t tip despite the great service is such an asshole thing to do even if the waiter was salaried.


u/StopReadingMyUser idle Jan 15 '22

And even then, apparently it's not enough with how stingy businesses seem, even to the point of stealing tips.

Where does it end... at this rate even if they were paid nothing they'd still find a way to take more from workers.


u/AugustousSeizure Jan 15 '22

It's so dumb because you pay for the food, but you tip because they provide a place for you and your friends to eat and clean up the table and dishes for you. But it's not like the tips go towards the bus boy and dishwashers. Don't know why it all goes to the server for just taking orders.

That's why you tip bartenders, too, I guess. I don't tip weed clinics though because they don't really provide you a place to smoke and chill. And I don't understand why you don't tip at the movie theaters, they clean up after you and provide a place to watch the movie. But you can buy overpriced snacks, it's like tipping and you get some snacks to enjoy. I still don't do it though.