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So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/EverlastingEmus Jan 15 '22

While I agree the system is stupid, people who chose to take their criticism of the system out in their server by not tipping are even stupider


u/[deleted] Jan 15 '22

I mean there's that and then some servers get insulted when you dont tip them enough. Sometimes you give them 15$ in tip and they look at you like, "seriously??"

Its like, brenda, I want to tip in the way tipping is supposed to be like, not do some fucking mental gymnastics and figure out the average tip in a restaurant i decided to go to randomly for a meal and then create the exact tip that would make you feel fucking thankful for once in your life. 15$ is a big ass tip in my eyes, and some people act like you have to read the entire restaurants history and culture before you should ever fucking dine in because you want food.


u/EverlastingEmus Jan 15 '22

$15 is a good tip on a 60 dollar meal. But if your check was 200 dollars that server made absolutely nothing on that, even if they got a bad tip its still mandatory for them to pay 2% of the check total to the busboy, 5% of the drink total to the bartender, 1% to the host etc… and when they do their check out at the end of the night the computer will assume a minimum of 10% if you say you didn’t get tipped to prevent “tax cheating. So for a larger check a $15 dollar tip can easily be -$5 for the server. If you still think that’s not your problem then fine but know what it is you are criticizing


u/[deleted] Jan 15 '22

My check was nowhere close to 200$. A few mojitos and a pasta. And no, -$5 is wrong. They do not get money taken away from them in the scenario I experienced.

Also you mentioned olive garden, no, it is not olive garden. If you have built up stress from that place and tipping dynamics, that is frustrating, but that has nothing to do with my personal restaurant experience I described. Projecting solves nothing.


u/EverlastingEmus Jan 15 '22

I have absolutely gotten money taken away from me. Not at every restaurant I have worked at but most, some managers will do you the favor of cancelling that check for you, but most won’t, they still expect you to tip out the bussers, host and bartender. Worst experience I had was nearly negative 12 dollars on a check. Made up for it on other tables but wif I had not gotten that table I would have made more.

Please be aware that that is the norm.


u/EverlastingEmus Jan 15 '22

I did not say that I worked at the olive garden, I said they are one of the companies that discontinued automatic gradtuity on large parties