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So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/Birdman_a15 Jan 15 '22

And family shares. So give up 10% of your tips to the bartender.


u/Flipperlolrs Jan 15 '22

Oh please! Won’t someone think of my trust fund!?


u/FindTheWayThru Jan 15 '22

Or my vacation homes?


u/WorthwhileDialogue Jan 15 '22

Not defending any of it, but s/he may have paid with someone else's money and didn't have any extra for tip.


u/cookiemonstah87 Jan 15 '22

Maybe should have bought groceries or gone to a less expensive restaurant, then. I've always been taught if you can't afford to tip, you can't afford to eat out. (Though I agree with everyone else here that American tipping is a bullshit system, make the employers pay their staff, it shouldn't be our job as consumers to make sure they're paid fairly)


u/Flipperlolrs Jan 15 '22

Oh, um, my comment has nothing to do with the original post, so….


u/According_Gazelle472 Jan 17 '22

Or that expensive cell phone.


u/kimmyv0814 Jan 15 '22

Of course! Why should the company give more money to bussers, hostesses, etc., when they can get YOU to pay them! Ridiculous


u/CreatedSole Jan 16 '22

It's such bullshit. And the people that are so quick to be condescending and tell you you're the piece of shit for not tipping when the real pieces of shit are the company not paying proper wages, so ridiculous.


u/According_Gazelle472 Jan 17 '22

That's a fact jack.


u/mafulazula Jan 15 '22

Not back of the house, though. A lot of those guys aren’t even from here!


u/Chance-Ad-9111 Jan 15 '22

Always tipped bar separately!


u/Adventurous_Dust_478 Jan 16 '22

Your server still probably had to hand over a percent of their tips to the bar anyway since most don't tip separately


u/Chance-Ad-9111 Jan 16 '22

All the people I have seen in places do.


u/According_Gazelle472 Jan 17 '22

But what if you don't drink?