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So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/MudLOA Jan 15 '22

You should have read a similar post a few days ago. People were posting about how great it was making so much money from tips and I’m sure a lot of them were also not reporting income tax on it. It’s just all about the cash in the pocket and who cares about not having sick days or insurance.


u/7dipity Jan 15 '22

I have a friend who bartends and always told me it can be such great money. Recently she got a concussion and was out for three weeks. Then she caught Covid. Another two weeks. She just found out she needs a dental procedure that’ll cost ~700 dollars. She’s broke right now so her boyfriend is staying at his current job that he was going to quit for something else so that she can get his benefits


u/gfhfghdfghfghdfgh Jan 15 '22

People can transfer benefits to their dates?


u/ahandmedowngown Jan 15 '22

Yes some companies allow common law or significant other coverage.


u/But_why_tho456 Jan 15 '22

And others require you to pay the "family plan" because your sister or mom living with you doesn't qualify you to do the cheaper "me+spouse" health insurance plan.


u/River_Montana538 Jan 15 '22

Most insurance companies do not allow that, it's not up to the companies what the insurance will allow or not to allow. There has to be some legal relationship other than who you are dating. Some States recognize common law but not all, and still not all insurance companies will recognize that.


u/AimlessgrlJax Jan 15 '22

They are in Canada


u/monogamish306 Jan 15 '22

Right. Up here, North of the medicine line the govt didn't want roommates stacking up their single-income non-taxable exemptions so common law relationships are part of our legal/taxation infrastructure from the top down.

A friend of mine had to fight with Revenue Canada (Maple Leaf IRS equivalent) for ages to prove that she and a roommate weren't in a relationship because they had lived together so long. Don't fuck with right-wingers' money; the fact that it's in your pocket doesn't mean it doesn't belong to their friends.