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So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/Flipperlolrs Jan 15 '22

Oh please! Won’t someone think of my trust fund!?


u/FindTheWayThru Jan 15 '22

Or my vacation homes?


u/WorthwhileDialogue Jan 15 '22

Not defending any of it, but s/he may have paid with someone else's money and didn't have any extra for tip.


u/cookiemonstah87 Jan 15 '22

Maybe should have bought groceries or gone to a less expensive restaurant, then. I've always been taught if you can't afford to tip, you can't afford to eat out. (Though I agree with everyone else here that American tipping is a bullshit system, make the employers pay their staff, it shouldn't be our job as consumers to make sure they're paid fairly)


u/Flipperlolrs Jan 15 '22

Oh, um, my comment has nothing to do with the original post, so….


u/According_Gazelle472 Jan 17 '22

Or that expensive cell phone.