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So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/Quinn0Matic Jan 15 '22 Gold Helpful Wholesome

Tipping should be illegal, and I say that as someone who relies on tips.


u/DanTheRocketeer Jan 15 '22

Tipping shouldn’t be illegal, it should be bonus. That’s how it’s is pretty much everywhere other than the US - the servers get paid a living wage and if they get tipped it’s either theirs to keep or split amongst all the servers (the former being the better system).


u/Secondary123098 Jan 15 '22 Ally

Tipping should be everywhere! Surgeon operated early, tip! Politician passed that law you wanted, bonus! Teacher gave your child an A, have a little cash.

Tips are called bribes in any area of employment where the employees are not horrifically mistreated and underpaid. They have no place in a civilized culture.


u/beforeitcloy Jan 15 '22

To be fair, that actually is how it works with politicians.


u/elppaenip Jan 15 '22

Yeah, except they're not called bribes they're called lobbying


u/LA-Matt Jan 15 '22 edited Jan 15 '22

The Supreme Court calls it “free speech.”

But it (lobbying) is just legalized bribery.

Edited to clarify for anyone who can’t follow a thread.


u/elppaenip Jan 15 '22

Being paid to do one job while someone else pays you to fuck it up


u/RazorRadick Jan 15 '22

So if I hand a Walmart employee a couple of bucks for helping me that should be free speech too right? If Walmart fires them over that it should be a first amendment case.


u/LA-Matt Jan 15 '22

Oh boy. So you think the government should be run a like a WalMart. Good grief.


u/RazorRadick Jan 15 '22

Nope. Just remarking on the absurdity of it all.


u/LA-Matt Jan 15 '22

Ah. Sorry I may have been too touchy from previous comments.


u/Outside_Effort_2833 Jan 15 '22

You cannot seriously be that stupid


u/orgasmicstrawberry Jan 15 '22

Why is it stupid? Care to explain?


u/MyAviato666 Jan 15 '22

Nope. Turns out you are the stupid one without reading comprehension.


u/Prussian-Blue88 Jan 15 '22

What an idiotic comment.


u/LA-Matt Jan 15 '22

Sorry it hurts your fee fees, Senator.


u/Prussian-Blue88 Jan 15 '22

You equated free speech to legalized bribery. What did you expect?


u/LA-Matt Jan 15 '22 edited Jan 15 '22

We’re talking about lobbying Congress. Maybe read the whole thread.

And I didn’t say lobbying was free speech, the Supreme Court did.

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u/NoiceMango Jan 15 '22

Nah politicians legalize bribery through lobbying and bullshit "charities". What happens when the governments legalize crime such as bribery? Laws can be morally wrong.


u/45willow Jan 15 '22

Called PAC. Political Action Committee.