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So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/DanTheRocketeer Jan 15 '22

Tipping shouldn’t be illegal, it should be bonus. That’s how it’s is pretty much everywhere other than the US - the servers get paid a living wage and if they get tipped it’s either theirs to keep or split amongst all the servers (the former being the better system).


u/Secondary123098 Jan 15 '22 Ally

Tipping should be everywhere! Surgeon operated early, tip! Politician passed that law you wanted, bonus! Teacher gave your child an A, have a little cash.

Tips are called bribes in any area of employment where the employees are not horrifically mistreated and underpaid. They have no place in a civilized culture.


u/beforeitcloy Jan 15 '22

To be fair, that actually is how it works with politicians.


u/elppaenip Jan 15 '22

Yeah, except they're not called bribes they're called lobbying


u/LA-Matt Jan 15 '22 edited Jan 15 '22

The Supreme Court calls it “free speech.”

But it (lobbying) is just legalized bribery.

Edited to clarify for anyone who can’t follow a thread.


u/elppaenip Jan 15 '22

Being paid to do one job while someone else pays you to fuck it up


u/RazorRadick Jan 15 '22

So if I hand a Walmart employee a couple of bucks for helping me that should be free speech too right? If Walmart fires them over that it should be a first amendment case.


u/LA-Matt Jan 15 '22

Oh boy. So you think the government should be run a like a WalMart. Good grief.


u/RazorRadick Jan 15 '22

Nope. Just remarking on the absurdity of it all.


u/LA-Matt Jan 15 '22

Ah. Sorry I may have been too touchy from previous comments.


u/Outside_Effort_2833 Jan 15 '22

You cannot seriously be that stupid


u/orgasmicstrawberry Jan 15 '22

Why is it stupid? Care to explain?


u/MyAviato666 Jan 15 '22

Nope. Turns out you are the stupid one without reading comprehension.


u/Prussian-Blue88 Jan 15 '22

What an idiotic comment.


u/LA-Matt Jan 15 '22

Sorry it hurts your fee fees, Senator.


u/Prussian-Blue88 Jan 15 '22

You equated free speech to legalized bribery. What did you expect?


u/LA-Matt Jan 15 '22 edited Jan 15 '22

We’re talking about lobbying Congress. Maybe read the whole thread.

And I didn’t say lobbying was free speech, the Supreme Court did.


u/ogscrubb Jan 15 '22

So people are partaking in their right to free speech to influence government. Should it be illegal for groups to have an opinion on politics and share it with their elected officials?

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