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So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/nikstick22 Jan 15 '22

tipping culture in America is absolutely a horrible structure. Women drastically outperform men on tips but in return are subjected to a lot of sexual harassment (this has been proven by many studies). It creates a system where employees compete for prime tip hours (the morning shift on a Wednesday is gonna make you next to nothing). Because tipping is considered necessary nearly ubiquitously, the price of dining is basically 15-25% higher nationally but a significant portion of the wages of the servers are incredibly unstable and while some people do make good money, for each of those there's at least one person who is screwed over.

If you have enough money to pay two people a liveable wage, but instead you pay one person 10% more and the other 10% less, I think you've created a massive net deficit to society.

One person makes a little extra than the bare minimum they need, but the other is fucking screwed.


u/Aegi Jan 15 '22

I think you mean young women, because while it might still apply for all ages, older women who have families are much more likely to be forced into working breakfast and lunch when their kids are at school and even though they’re working as hard or harder than the people at night who only have a six hour shift instead of an eight hour shift, because their tips are so much lower they’re taking less home even though they’re the ones with the family to support, or they get to potentially increase the chances that their kids are latchkey kids by taking the more lucrative shift after hours.

Regardless, until we put some sources in our comments were both just vomiting words onto our keyboards.


u/JakJako90 Jan 15 '22

The gender thing is so true! We had a girl working for us when we accepted tips in the bowling center I worked in, and she could get in €40-50 in a weekend (tips not expected), while I would see maybe 20. I was as polite, faster working, also worked as the mechanic so I sorted out all issues in the back in seconds. I did not earn €30 more over the weekend because of higher pay, so in essence I got less money for doing a better job. But we then swapped to a new system with a card terminal connected to the POS so tips were removed altogether except cash, which was maybe 30% of the bowling centers income. During corona it's been at 90-95% card usage.