r/antiwork Jan 14 '22

So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/DanTheRocketeer Jan 15 '22

Tipping shouldn’t be illegal, it should be bonus. That’s how it’s is pretty much everywhere other than the US - the servers get paid a living wage and if they get tipped it’s either theirs to keep or split amongst all the servers (the former being the better system).


u/Secondary123098 Jan 15 '22

Tipping should be everywhere! Surgeon operated early, tip! Politician passed that law you wanted, bonus! Teacher gave your child an A, have a little cash.

Tips are called bribes in any area of employment where the employees are not horrifically mistreated and underpaid. They have no place in a civilized culture.


u/crocrux Jan 15 '22

even Walmart employees can't accept tips


u/Ehcksit Jan 15 '22

I worked grocery and we weren't allowed to accept tips. An old lady knew that and dragged me to the back of the store to shake my hand and pass off a folded $5 bill like we were breaking the law or something.


u/Tribblehappy Jan 15 '22

Had a customer offer me $20 back when I was young working at a pet store (I think I helped her with her birds? Maybe? It was 2001). I told her repeatedly I couldn't accept it, so she dropped it, said "oops!" And left.


u/workshardanddies Jan 15 '22

I did this at a grocery store at the beginning of the pandemic. Wanted to tip the cashier and the person who bagged my groceries. Was told that they couldn't accept it, so I just dropped two twenty dollar bills on the counter and left.


u/IronMyr Jan 15 '22

I had a similar experience once. HR manager was so confused when I dropped the tip off. I guess they never expected anyone to actually follow that policy.


u/labellavita1985 Jan 15 '22

I love this story.


u/Few-Swordfish-6722 Jan 15 '22

Me to. I pictured that clearly. Lol


u/Murameowsa Jan 15 '22

Yep, my coworkers who helped little old ladies put their cat litter in the trunk would get a tip slipped into their front shirt pocket like in the movies when someone bribes a guard to look the other way while they rob the casino.


u/thejackruark Jan 15 '22

dragged me to the back of the store to shake my hand and pass off a folded $5 bill like we were breaking the law

Old ladies are just the most precious. I think that's why we loved Betty White so much, she was America's old lady


u/susetchka Jan 15 '22

I work grocery also. A lady said, "Take the damn money." Lol 😂


u/crocrux Jan 15 '22

this has also happened to me but on a register, I was so worried all day someone would come pull me off but it never happened. I have a feeling most managers don't give a flying fuck unless they directly see you accepting it


u/34TM3138 Jan 15 '22

When I was 16 and worked as a bag boy at a grocery in the DC area, an "older" lady (she was probably in her 40s) would always have myself or this one other bag boy help her with her groceries, and we always got nice generous tips clandestinely shoved very deeply down into our pockets, lol.

And yes, as an adult I now know that is creepy...but that lady paid for a lot of my weed and gave me a lot of good dreams, so I can't be too salty about it.


u/Kirian42 Jan 15 '22

I kinda laughed, then realized this isn't "creepy," she was sexually assaulting you.


u/34TM3138 Jan 15 '22

In today's terms...yes. in the early 90s, that was fun times. Not that I am okaying that behavior either...like I said, in hindsight, not so much. 16 y/o me though was stoked.


u/MixAdventurous6222 Jan 15 '22

my nana does that too so my mom doesn't know


u/starfreeek Jan 15 '22

I had an old guy do that to me when I used to work at circuit City as a tech. He brought his laptop in on 2 separate occasions to have it worked on and I couldn't in good conscious intake it because there wasn't an actual problem to fix, he just didn't know what to do(like it took me less than 30 seconds each time to get him rolling again). The second time he took me out the parking lot and gave me something.


u/damiandarko2 Jan 15 '22

a blowjob


u/starfreeek Jan 15 '22

Haha! But no is was a 20.


u/CaptainMisha12 Jan 15 '22

Aw, that's so sweet.


u/Cloberella Jan 15 '22

I used to work at a Nursing Home, and the families of residents and residents would want to tip me or give me gifts all the time, but I wasn't allowed to accept them. One lady used to sneak up behind me and drop trinkets into the pockets of my cardigan, and then I'd have to sneak back into her apartment when she was at an activity and put the items back.

On my last day families (of residents, I never accepted gifts from the residents themselves because many had Dementia) gave me large amounts of cash gifts and other things. I was advised if I ever planned on returning to the facility to not accept the gifts or hide them and be very hush-hush about it.

I didn't plan on returning, and enjoyed my gifts and thanked everyone appropriately.


u/ManyDeliciousJuices Jan 15 '22

When I worked in food retail we had a shared tip jar. But one time this lady insisted, "NO, this is for YOU" and literally laid on her belly across the counter to personally put cash directly into my pants pocket. It was quite memorable.


u/stillrecruiting Jan 15 '22

I worked a Walmart forever ago as a cashier and a guy insisted on tipping me and I kept refusing so he “dropped” it in a bag on the little bag carousel and turned it toward me and walked away