r/antiwork Jan 14 '22

So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/ThunderousOrgasm Jan 15 '22

What a ridiculous justification hahah. Toxic as fuck tipping culture.


u/reflectorvest Jan 15 '22

So your server should have to pay for you to eat out if you can’t afford to tip? Because that’s what happens when you don’t tip in America.


u/ThunderousOrgasm Jan 15 '22

Ridiculous statement. The server dosnt pay for me.


u/reflectorvest Jan 15 '22

Do you understand how tipouts work? If 3% of a server’s sales total for a shift gets pulled from their total tips to go to the expo worker and bartender (which is average and compensates them for the work they do for you while not getting tipped), they still owe them that percentage of the table didn’t tip. So if your bill was $100 and you didn’t tip, your server still has to pay the bar and expo $3. If no one tips the server and their sales are $1000, the server now owes the house $30 for the privilege of working.