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So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/mteej Jan 15 '22

what i don't understand is how i, as the customer, becomes responsible for the restaurants overheads? like shouldn't that be a fixed cost of running a business? why is that a cost customers absorb? these are genuine questions because i just don't understand


u/sortaangrypeanut Jan 15 '22

It sucks, and it's not right. Tipping culture needs to end, waiters need to unionize and strike, and it needs to change. The answers to your questions are because bosses are greedy. They want to make as much money in their wallets as possible. They hate minimum wage workers and think "hey, these minimum wage workers are technically making more than minimum wage due to a completely optional custom! We should account for that by allowing them to be paid as low as 50% of minimum wage! Unskilled workers don't deserve to make that much!"


u/TroutCuck Jan 15 '22

Do waiters want it to change? All the ones I've known make significantly better money than me in my area on average.


u/moldy_minge Jan 15 '22

They do not in my town, or the surrounding towns. Larger cities have the possibility to make good money serving. I don't have any numbers but I'm sure if you factor in servers that work in smaller communities it would bring the average income of a server down to regular minimum wage.


u/TroutCuck Jan 15 '22

It would be a bit higher than minimum wage because minimum wage is still the minimum after tips. Employer does have to make up the difference if that happens.

(Not counting cases of wage theft because they don't really impact discussion of the law when they're not following it anyway)