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So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/Shruikathemonk Jan 14 '22 Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome Starry

American tipping culture is a cancer.


u/nbbiking Jan 15 '22 Helpful

It pits the working class against each other, making a worker responsible for another worker’s living, while the management gets to keep the difference.

One must be a special kind of stupid to find oneself in this sub and support tipping. It’s so fucking obvious


u/mapcat Jan 15 '22

Tipping is fucked, but there is no way most servers and bartenders want it to go away. They can easily clear 40+ an hour on solid nights and sometimes far more. No restaurants would offer that much.

That said, I worked as a server and I would have preferred a solid hourly wage because I was stuck on a lot of slow breakfast shifts. And being tipped also just kinda makes me feel like a prostitute


u/MaxTHC Jan 15 '22

They can easily clear 40+ an hour on solid nights and sometimes far more.

At a fancy restaurant/bar in a gentrified neighborhood? Sure. But if you work at a quiet diner on the outskirts of town, you're making very little in tips. Also, other FOH employees (e.g. bussers) get jack shit from the tip pool.

It infuriates me that those who are lucky enough to work somewhere with good tips are content to fully ignore how shitty the tipping system is to so many fellow workers. Feels very class-traitor-esque to me.


u/SoftNSquishy Jan 15 '22

This, exactly this. Servers should be supportive of each other, and all should back wage reform to make tipping a bonus instead of a necessity. But sadly, the class war is alive and well in American culture and having each other's backs is getting so rare these days in a lot of circles.


u/Daddio7 Jan 15 '22

As far as I know there are no "press gangs" Shanghaiing people and forcing them to work at restaurants. FIND ANOTHER JOB.

$77.90, that was five people, right? Couldn't one of them ponied up a TIP. No, really, that would buy three of the most expensive meals in my town.


u/Technical-Hedgehog18 Jan 15 '22

And you do know things cost different amounts in different places? You gotta think further than your locality if you really care and want change


u/MaxTHC Jan 15 '22

I'm no longer in the service industry. But also, "find another job" isn't realistic for everyone. Imagine you live in a small town in rural California. Your wages shouldn't fucked because a server at a tech bro bar in Santa Clara is making bank from tips.

Maybe you prefer living in a rural town, or maybe you don't have enough money to leave.

Yes, you should find another job, but that's not the point. The point is that any job, anywhere, should not be allowed to pay you below minimum wage.


u/Daddio7 Jan 15 '22

True, get rid of tipping, make all jobs pay minimum wage. If the owner can not pay minimum wage the job will disappear. I guess a job that pays less then minimum wage is worse then having no job at all.


u/nepumbra0 Jan 15 '22

Time to find a new place to work then


u/MaxTHC Jan 15 '22

Missing the point entirely. I could find a better job, but someone else will replace me at that diner. And then it would be them getting fucked over from a system which I benefit from.


u/nepumbra0 Jan 15 '22

Sure but then that person will do the same thing. If the company wants to not pay competitive wages their restaurant will be a revolving door. Some jobs just aren't meant to be permanent.


u/MaxTHC Jan 15 '22

We're not talking about competitive wages or not. We're talking about the company paying less than minimum wage to it's employees. For me this isn't a question of business strategy, it's a question of ethical labour laws.


u/nepumbra0 Jan 15 '22

The tip system has pros and cons for sure, and I don't really agree with it. At the same time I stand by my point, if you aren't making much from tips then go somewhere else. No one is forcing you to work there.


u/MaxTHC Jan 16 '22 edited Jan 16 '22

I agree that anyone in that situation should get a better job if they are able to. But that's also a fairly privileged response. People living in rural areas might not have access to any better jobs nearby. People with disabilities often have a very hard time finding employment. Not everyone can just up and leave their job and easily find something better.

Also, your solution may work on an individual basis, but kind of dismisses the fact that this is a systemic problem. Even if no individual employee stays at the company for very long because of the poor wages, the company is still continuously taking advantage of working-class folks by paying them under minimum wage.

And hell, even at the individual level, if you quit after two weeks, you still deserve to be paid fairly for that time. So even ignoring the systemic issue (which you shouldn't), your argument feels pretty anti-worker.

TLDR: yes, of course you should leave the job, but as I keep saying, that is completely beside the point I was making.