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So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/codify7 Jan 15 '22

In Japan they get offended if you tip, in their system they price the food at value for what it’s worth and to tip extra is to be insulting.


u/Vpc1979 Jan 15 '22

In Japan they will pay for the your uniform ( if required) your train pass to work, you also have a government pension and health care. Pretty much you only have to pay rent and food


u/Nirmalsuki Jan 15 '22

Do people have to pay for work uniforms in any country? If I was ever asked to pay for a work uniform, I won't even go the first day.


u/commanderjarak Jan 15 '22

The US.


u/UnlikelyKaiju Jan 15 '22

At least you can claim the cost of your uniform on your taxes, but that typically requires keeping the receipt until you finally file.


u/hippoctopocalypse Jan 15 '22

And knowing the horribly arcane tax code


u/UnlikelyKaiju Jan 15 '22

Not really. A lot of tax filing systems and services usually have an option to claim such things. Same goes for college text books.


u/Codered0289 Jan 15 '22

The standard deduction eliminates having to itemize anything for the vast majority of people. If you get a w2 and don't have more than 12.5k to write off, there isnt a point.


u/meowpitbullmeow Jan 15 '22

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


u/Cloberella Jan 15 '22

If you spend more than the standard deduction on uniforms in a year I'd be impressed.


u/firelord237 Jan 15 '22

I suspect the argument is that people in the US want to have the freedom to make alterations and to use their uniform like it's theirs? Maybe to keep it afterwards for sentimental reasons? Maybe to get them custom tailored?

idk man I feel like the US is built around mandatory freedoms that you have to pay for and it doesn't work but it's cheap for those in charge or the well off so on it shall go until civil war or something


u/meowpitbullmeow Jan 15 '22

We don't want to, we're just forced to


u/firelord237 Jan 15 '22

Unfortunately yeah, the vast majority of people probably don't care to buy their own uniforms. Should be the other way around, where they assume you want to borrow one from your job and then if you want to order a custom one for yourself go right ahead and it'll cost money /shrug

Or hell when I worked as a lifeguard they just gave away shirts and pinnies. I would hope the same goes for shirts at retail stores and restaurants


u/[deleted] Jan 15 '22

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u/firelord237 Jan 15 '22

Yep exactly. Lots of freedom comes with owning your own stuff but the cost is usually money