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So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/MudLOA Jan 15 '22

You should have read a similar post a few days ago. People were posting about how great it was making so much money from tips and I’m sure a lot of them were also not reporting income tax on it. It’s just all about the cash in the pocket and who cares about not having sick days or insurance.


u/EggCounselor Jan 15 '22

Restaurant industry is one of those where it’s hard to come by people with the right set of skills and nerve. Once you’re in you’re in kind of deal and you get away with a lot. So if you’re one of those good ones and come back after being awol for 2 weeks the boss might just act like it never happened because he knows he needs you. Thing is it’s also hard to come by bosses like that. When it works it works. I know a friend who used to make 2 grand a week. He eventually stopped working 72 hours a week, down to about 40 and was still making well over 1,000. If that restaurant paid him a salary he’d be making half of that.


u/Nickadeamus36 Jan 15 '22 edited Jan 15 '22

I’ve been a chef for 20 years. Cooked in America, Australia, and New Zealand.

I have never cooked in a place where going awol for more than a day was okay, no matter how good you are, the only time it’s been okay is if you were a cook in a high end place, and were awol because you were in jail. Not a waiter.

Also there is some talent in being a good server, but for the most part owners don’t give a shit about that, only the kitchen does. Because they are the ones affected. The ability to be able to stagger tables, correctly sell specials etc. servers are literally a dime a dozen and the high turnover is expected, and not considered a problem.

Bartenders get away with a giving away the odd free drink, but that’s only because the owners know that a free drink makes the customer looser with their cash and more likely to come back to their “favourite bartender”.


u/Small_Disk_6082 Jan 15 '22

I worked in the industry most of my adult life, and can say that, in all variations, from high end pp to low pp, great servers and bar staff are typically treated like royalty, and can get away with a whole helluva lot - because they're not a dime-a-dozen.

But shit staff in FOH or BOH get the axe the same way everytime, even if they're a chef with solid creds but suboptimal performance.