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So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/Vpc1979 Jan 15 '22

In Japan they will pay for the your uniform ( if required) your train pass to work, you also have a government pension and health care. Pretty much you only have to pay rent and food


u/Nirmalsuki Jan 15 '22

Do people have to pay for work uniforms in any country? If I was ever asked to pay for a work uniform, I won't even go the first day.


u/thenumberonegecko Jan 15 '22

Yes that's a thing here in the U.S. Several jobs have had me buy my entire uniform (scrubs, work polo) or at least an aspect of my uniform (belt, certain color shoes, etc).

And yes, I would get punished if I didnt comply with the uniform required, so i had to suck it up and charge it to a credit card and hope I made enough hours to pay it all off, effectively cancelling my first week of pay.

Shits fucked.


u/rednut2 Jan 15 '22

That is insanity. Can you claim it on your tax return at least?


u/SwitchRicht Jan 15 '22

It would have to be above the standard deduction for you to start claiming . So depends why other expenses you are claiming .


u/wyte_wonder Jan 15 '22

you can write it off as well as millage at like 0.54cents a mileas well as alot of thing


u/Cloberella Jan 15 '22

If you spend less than $3,000 (I believe), you just get the standard deduction.


u/paku9000 Jan 15 '22

No, but you can deduct your private jet...


u/Loki_61089 Jan 15 '22

As long as the uniform they require you to purchase and wear does not have their branding on it, you cannot claim it on your taxes, nor are they legally required to reimburse you for the purchase, unfortunately.