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So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/Vpc1979 Jan 15 '22

In Japan they will pay for the your uniform ( if required) your train pass to work, you also have a government pension and health care. Pretty much you only have to pay rent and food


u/Nirmalsuki Jan 15 '22

Do people have to pay for work uniforms in any country? If I was ever asked to pay for a work uniform, I won't even go the first day.


u/thenumberonegecko Jan 15 '22

Yes that's a thing here in the U.S. Several jobs have had me buy my entire uniform (scrubs, work polo) or at least an aspect of my uniform (belt, certain color shoes, etc).

And yes, I would get punished if I didnt comply with the uniform required, so i had to suck it up and charge it to a credit card and hope I made enough hours to pay it all off, effectively cancelling my first week of pay.

Shits fucked.


u/NoMusician518 Jan 15 '22

I had to show up to my first day of work with 350 dollars worth of tools out of my own pocket.


u/Cloberella Jan 15 '22

Join a Union, they'll provide you with your equipment. I know people bitch about the dues, but the benefits greatly outweigh the $35 a month. I mean, with your Journeyman card that's only one hour of pay a month anyway. Plus, pensions are a beautiful thing.


u/Dulcinut Jan 15 '22

As a union carpenter of over 50 years, carpenters are required to provide their own hand tools. The contractor furnishes power tools. Yes, the benefits are outstanding


u/Cloberella Jan 15 '22

Huh, I'm at the Laborer's Union and I'm a Hall Clerk, so I guess maybe it differs from contract to contract or trade to trade. I'm still kinda new but I could have sworn I heard a BA tell someone they didn't need to buy their own tools. Maybe it is no for heavy tools, but for hand tools, you do.

Well, TIL, thank you :)


u/Dulcinut Jan 15 '22

I don’t believe laborers in our area supply so much as a hammer! I know that first year carpenter apprentices have a minimum required list of tools. Once I purchased what I minimally needed I would try to buy a tool a week. The tools you need for a concrete job are way different than for a drywall or finish job.


u/Cloberella Jan 15 '22

Hmmm. I don't handle any of the job site stuff, mostly what I do is handle dues payments, contractor payments, and coordinate benefits. Either I misunderstood or it was a job-specific agreement I guess.


u/NoMusician518 Jan 16 '22

I am an ibew apprentice. We still have a tool list that we are responsible to bring. Specialty tools and power tools are on the contractor which is great but hand tools are still our problem.


u/nohwhatnow Apr 17 '22

I was a auto mechanic and my tools cost me over 10k and I paid 50 a week to Snap on to keep my tools current. Heck, my tool box alone cost $5400

I'm 60 and retired now and have north of 60k in tools I rarely use, My kids get them when I'm gone