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So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/AlphaOhmega Jan 15 '22

The tip system is so dumb. Waiters shouldn't have to depend on tips, tips should be a nice but unnecessary boost for good service. It's all twisted around.


u/dacv393 Jan 15 '22

I mean this will get downvoted but the only way it will change is if we, as customers, collectively agree to stop tipping alltogether. It couldn't be just individual assholes trying to get out of paying - but some sort of mass movement where everyone writes a hashtag on their receipt and refuses to tip. Once enough people join along restaurants would be forced to pay minimum wage and then likely more than minimum wage once the nicer restaurants become competitive and start losing their employees to the highest paying restaurants. It would probably take multiple paycheck cycles to start creating the changes, and millions of people would have to be on board.

This is just a pipedream since the majority of people would never be convinced. Likely those who consistently tip above 18% would agree and participate, but the people who take advantage of the system and would refute such a movement with stupid arguments like "I used to be a server. You have to earn your tip. If you're rude, you don't deserve anything", since they're the people who consistently tip way too low to benefit themselves at the expense of everyone else. They'd know internally that once tipping is gone they wouldn't be able to pay below market price for their meal the majority of the time.


u/AlphaOhmega Jan 15 '22

I wonder if it would work or if they would just screw over waiters more by keeping the rules in place and then waiters get no tips. Either way I hope it does change.