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So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/Spidaaman Jan 15 '22

lol it’s not just Texas.

Google the National Restaurant Association. Also google the federal tipped minimum wage.


u/Appropriate-Creme335 Jan 15 '22

This sounds absolutely crazy to me. Why on earth would any government have an actually regulated untaxed income, than increase minimum wage and receive more taxes from the same money. The more I learn about US the less I understand where is this whole "best country in the world" discourse coming from.


u/Dingis_Dang Jan 15 '22

It's the best country at making everyone think it is the best country.


u/Vegan-Joe Jan 16 '22

It's all smoke and mirrors.


u/erikagm77 Jan 15 '22

California servers get paid at least minimum wage. More and more states are moving away from “tipped minimum wage”. I believe NYC is also among them.