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So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/ScoopJr Jan 15 '22

Depends on the state.


u/brainonvacation78 Jan 15 '22

We're talking about reality for the majority of the US. I'm a server (on the side, I have a solid M-F career but I also got a kid in college that I refuse to send out into the world saddled in debt plus I'm amazing at serving and love it) and I make $5+ hr plus tips. Without those tips, I wouldn't work as a server. I make $37/hr at my primary job. I make $20-$45/hr with tips serving. And if I don't, I won't work there anymore. I'm not running my ass off for you for under $20/hr. A "living wage" is NOT $15/hr. Those are still poverty wages. ESPECIALLY when supporting a family.


u/Cerael Jan 15 '22

Your brain really is on vacation.

You type up that nonsense that isn’t relevant, about your personal life. Your average take home per hour is certainly more than the cooks.

You’re just a shitty, selfish server. So what if the cooks are making $2 an hour over minimum wage when your take home is at least $20/hr on average.

What’s your tip percentage? Avg tables/hr?


u/brainonvacation78 Jan 15 '22

Who fucking pissed in your Cheerios this morning?? My personal life is absofuckinglutely relevant based on this sub. I CAN'T SUPPORT MY FAMILY WITHOUT 2 SOLID INCOMES AND I ALREADY HAVE A FULL TIME JOB. Did you understand that at all?

Next: I make less than minimum wage based on the understanding that tips will make up for it. Cooks (not chefs, which is different) accept their hourly at hire. I tip out my expo, host and bartenders. Cooks tip out shit nada. My avg differs during the season. And I'm one of the most selfless humans ever and you can go fuck right off for attacking me. I'm sooooo selfish for working 2 jobs as as a single mom to help my kid avoid student loan debt lol. You're just a bitter Reddit shit poster and you can kick fucking rocks, sweetheart.


u/Cerael Jan 15 '22

For someone claiming not to be selfish you said the word “I” a lot in that wall of text. It’s okay to be selfish, but don’t pretend you’re not self serving

I’ve personally gotten over 300k in unpaid back wages to employees at my restaurant, that they were being shorted on their checks.

I also regularly throw out entitled servers who are by the way, required by company policy to tip out other service positions (at every restaurant I’ve worked at).

You don’t know me and I don’t know you, but the way you’ve acted in this thread is shameful.