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So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/oxwearingsocks Jan 15 '22

Get off that mindset that it’s the public who need to stump up extra. It’s not us that should be boosting you to $30/hr. You should be getting a decent pay from your employer, not the generosity of strangers.


u/Stoned-Antlers Jan 15 '22

It’s not generosity, they literally served you with the understanding that you would pay them based on how good their service was. Maybe get off that broke mindset and stop complaining about having to pay people for their work.


u/oxwearingsocks Jan 15 '22

No, they literally served you because it’s their job. Like how a Walmart attendant serves you, or a Home Depot cashier. It’s the job. The employee should get paid a fair wage by the owner. It’s not a broke mentality, it’s a normal mentality for anywhere this brainwashing US tipping culture hasn’t infested.

Go eat food in Spain, or Australia, or Japan, or wherever the fuck else and you pay what it says on the bill. If the employee goes above and beyond, as in something special, then tip away. If they do their job, pay for the food and go on your way.

If you’re seriously of the mindset that workers should be paying other workers wages, you’re on completely the wrong subreddit.


u/Stoned-Antlers Jan 15 '22

Are you in america?


u/oxwearingsocks Jan 15 '22

I’ve lived in a dozen countries over the past few years, including some of those mentioned. Only in Mexico has tipping being expected.

I’m not in America now, but I have lived there years ago. And yes, I tipped. But the culture of tipping as an expectation is absolutely bonkers.


u/Stoned-Antlers Jan 15 '22

Thats fine you feel that way, but what you are arguing for will not work. Major restaurants have trued going the no-tipping route. Every single one reverted back.


u/oxwearingsocks Jan 15 '22

I have no horse in the race. Doesn’t affect me. But you shouldn’t argue for it if you’re pro worker’s rights and seeking a fairer world. It’s an entire culture that’s normalised it, and you’re part of that normalisation. Check literally any other comment in this entire thread to see how the rest of the world sees this. Be the change you want in the world.


u/Stoned-Antlers Jan 15 '22

Tipping culture won’t be the first thing to change here..a living wage right now in the US isn’t a living wage. Thats why it sounds so crazy for yall to be calling for a pay decrease. US. restaurants can’t pay an actual living wage..hell most restaurants struggle to stay open. Of course waiters deserve better but this won’t be on the docket anytime soon.


u/oxwearingsocks Jan 15 '22

It certainly won’t be when there are workers like you against the concept of it. If restaurants around the globe can manage to survive and thrive without tipping, I’m sure in the distant future when the US becomes a first world country, they will too. Good luck to you.


u/Butt_Sex_And_Tacos Jan 15 '22

They sound irrationally angry enough to be.