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So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/hyperbolic_retort Jan 15 '22

Yep. It's on the servers boss if they're not getting a livable wage.


u/Quinn0Matic Jan 15 '22 Gold Helpful Wholesome

Tipping should be illegal, and I say that as someone who relies on tips.


u/SB6P897 Jan 15 '22

You see more and more fast food places asking for tips. Right now it’s fun and dandy while they get paid minimum or more. But the fast food pay enjoyment gonna change real fast when fast food restaurants get the legal slip to pay less than minimum cuz “tips are income and will justify it”


u/simbaismylittlebuddy Jan 15 '22

I bought prepared sushi today from the mall food court, literally selected it out of the self serve fridge and handed it to the cashier. She gave me napkins and chopsticks that’s it, the terminal asked me for a tip, uh fuck no. And I always tip 20% but that’s a line too far.


u/sam_sneed1994 Jan 15 '22

This week I bought a couple of t-shirts online and after I approved the purchase it sent me to another screen where it asked me if I would like to leave a $3 tip. The world gone mad with asking for tips for just about anything now.


u/riflinraccoon Jan 15 '22

The only time I got asked for a tip online after making a purchase (so far) was when I made a purchase from a small niche company that made products for an undeserved community. I did tip bc I'm greatful for their company and the work they do. But a t-shirt? Gtfoh.


u/simbaismylittlebuddy Jan 15 '22

WhAat!? That’s obscene. Who would you be tipping? The fucking algorithm?


u/sportacus69er Jan 15 '22

I hope you said no


u/sam_sneed1994 Jan 16 '22

I did indeed. I was seriously shocked by it. I had to ask a couple people if they had experienced it before and no one seemed to have seen it before. Sign of the times? i sure hope not.


u/sportacus69er Jan 17 '22

Let’s hope not - I certainly won’t be tipping after buying a shirt though…


u/Daladain Jan 15 '22

I bought a t-shirt from a coffee shop in ann arbor Michigan. tshirt was like $25. My friends then girlfriend was working there at the time. I paid th $25 plus tax and she yelled at me for not tipping. I was like, the girl got it off the hook for me, its over priced, and you expect me to tip?


u/Resident-Science-525 at work Jan 15 '22

If you want a sign that tipping culture has reached peak ridiculousness...

To-go orders want tips. Drive thrus want tips. Cashier stands want tips.

But keep in mind that is put in place by EMPLOYERS who will most likely pocket that money. It is rich employers getting richer.


u/SnooPeripherals1595 Jan 15 '22

To go orders should get tips. A lot of the time people making your to-go orders in a restaurant are making $2 an hour. The maximum wage I've heard of for a to-go person is $4.50. they place your order they put everything together and make sure everything is right and they bring it to you at your car. And even if they're not bringing it to your car, they still deserve some kind of tip for doing all that for you. That's how they survive.


u/Resident-Science-525 at work Jan 15 '22

Point made.

I live in California so those types of workers make at least minimum wage. My view was myopic and lacking context.


u/Random_Username311 Jan 15 '22

The tip is for the waitstaff/bus/bar back/bartender, the chefs and kitchen staff should be paid by the resturant owner.


u/HumbleFishMonger Jan 16 '22

Did you hear that on Trump's way out there was apparently a change in the law in who could count as tippable staff? I believe it was a big name like Chili's or Applebee's changed to that system where back of house staff like the cooks are now tipped and pay was cut to reflect that. So now your server can get even less of that tip than before.


u/HumbleFishMonger Jan 16 '22

Aren't to go preppers usually just typical waiters that get stuck with a shitty shift where people tend not to tip?


u/Random_Username311 Jan 15 '22

This is insane, you get a to-go order and the hostess/host who walks 6 feet to grab your bag and have you sign a receipt gives you a dirty look if you don’t tip.


u/Advanced-Prototype Jan 15 '22

Yeah, I don’t get that. They aren’t adding any value whatsoever. It’s basically digital panhandling.


u/UrLate4Tea Jan 15 '22

I went into a take and bake pizza place the other day. They make commonly ordered pizzas ahead of time, wrap them, and place them in a cooler at front of shop for you to take up and carry out. This place is in a very very low cost of living place in the US (we bought a 4bed/3 bath in the best neighborhood, 2,800 sq. Ft. Extremely nice quality finishes for under $160k) and the shop pays the employees $15/hr.

They recently updated the credit card machines to prompt for a tip. Even the cashier was embarrassed. She said, "OH, that's new. You can just click there to decline."


u/Cloberella Jan 15 '22

I get the sentiment, but is there a chance the employees are the ones preparing and packaging the sushi? Like at the sushi stations at Sprouts, Trader Joes, Hy-Vee, etc.? They have "Grab n' Go" prepackaged sushi, but the "cashier" at the kiosk prepares and packages the items in their downtime (you can also have them make requests fresh).


u/flat6cyl Jan 15 '22

Even so, why would that be tipped?


u/Cloberella Jan 15 '22

For making and preparing sushi? If she's being paid tipped wages and is preparing sushi by hand, I think that it's fairer to ask for a tip than if she's a cashier being paid cashier wages. Just because tipping culture sucks, doesn't mean you shouldn't tip people when there's no better alternative. Until things change, she can't pay her rent with your ideals.


u/Terrible-Option-1603 Jan 15 '22

Even if there is a sushi prep employee doing the work, what are the chances this said tip would be given to her/himif the cashier is the one logged into the register? None.


u/Cloberella Jan 15 '22

Fair, the tips probably get split evenly among everyone, that's how my local coffee shop handles it.


u/helmepll Jan 15 '22

Just because a tip is asked for does not mean someone is getting tipped wages. It is generally impossible to know who is and who isn’t getting tipped wages at jobs like this. That is a major reason tipping should be replaced with a living wage. There is too much unfairness and guess work involved with tipping.


u/flat6cyl Jan 15 '22

I tip well when I know people are being payed the unfortunate tipped wages. It’s definitely not clear that this is the case here, or who that tip money would even go to - it seems more like a part of “tip creep”, where these prompts show up for all sorts of dumb things. I was dropping off film for development the other day, and a tip prompt appeared at the cash register.