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So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/Shruikathemonk Jan 14 '22 Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome Starry

American tipping culture is a cancer.


u/nbbiking Jan 15 '22 Helpful

It pits the working class against each other, making a worker responsible for another worker’s living, while the management gets to keep the difference.

One must be a special kind of stupid to find oneself in this sub and support tipping. It’s so fucking obvious


u/drytiger Jan 15 '22

I would bet you that there are lots of people on this sub who support tipping, and the vast majority of them depend on tips.

The vast majority of people I know who are dependent on tips believe they are entitled to them.

I agree with you that tipping is a fucked up norm, but you will never reason people out of their short-term self interest.


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