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So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/crocrux Jan 15 '22

even Walmart employees can't accept tips


u/Ehcksit Jan 15 '22

I worked grocery and we weren't allowed to accept tips. An old lady knew that and dragged me to the back of the store to shake my hand and pass off a folded $5 bill like we were breaking the law or something.


u/34TM3138 Jan 15 '22

When I was 16 and worked as a bag boy at a grocery in the DC area, an "older" lady (she was probably in her 40s) would always have myself or this one other bag boy help her with her groceries, and we always got nice generous tips clandestinely shoved very deeply down into our pockets, lol.

And yes, as an adult I now know that is creepy...but that lady paid for a lot of my weed and gave me a lot of good dreams, so I can't be too salty about it.


u/Kirian42 Jan 15 '22

I kinda laughed, then realized this isn't "creepy," she was sexually assaulting you.


u/34TM3138 Jan 15 '22

In today's terms...yes. in the early 90s, that was fun times. Not that I am okaying that behavior either...like I said, in hindsight, not so much. 16 y/o me though was stoked.