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So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/sam_sneed1994 Jan 15 '22

This week I bought a couple of t-shirts online and after I approved the purchase it sent me to another screen where it asked me if I would like to leave a $3 tip. The world gone mad with asking for tips for just about anything now.


u/riflinraccoon Jan 15 '22

The only time I got asked for a tip online after making a purchase (so far) was when I made a purchase from a small niche company that made products for an undeserved community. I did tip bc I'm greatful for their company and the work they do. But a t-shirt? Gtfoh.


u/simbaismylittlebuddy Jan 15 '22

WhAat!? That’s obscene. Who would you be tipping? The fucking algorithm?


u/sportacus69er Jan 15 '22

I hope you said no


u/sam_sneed1994 Jan 16 '22

I did indeed. I was seriously shocked by it. I had to ask a couple people if they had experienced it before and no one seemed to have seen it before. Sign of the times? i sure hope not.


u/sportacus69er Jan 17 '22

Let’s hope not - I certainly won’t be tipping after buying a shirt though…