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So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/Quinn0Matic Jan 15 '22 Gold Helpful Wholesome

Tipping should be illegal, and I say that as someone who relies on tips.


u/SB6P897 Jan 15 '22

You see more and more fast food places asking for tips. Right now it’s fun and dandy while they get paid minimum or more. But the fast food pay enjoyment gonna change real fast when fast food restaurants get the legal slip to pay less than minimum cuz “tips are income and will justify it”


u/simbaismylittlebuddy Jan 15 '22

I bought prepared sushi today from the mall food court, literally selected it out of the self serve fridge and handed it to the cashier. She gave me napkins and chopsticks that’s it, the terminal asked me for a tip, uh fuck no. And I always tip 20% but that’s a line too far.


u/sam_sneed1994 Jan 15 '22

This week I bought a couple of t-shirts online and after I approved the purchase it sent me to another screen where it asked me if I would like to leave a $3 tip. The world gone mad with asking for tips for just about anything now.


u/riflinraccoon Jan 15 '22

The only time I got asked for a tip online after making a purchase (so far) was when I made a purchase from a small niche company that made products for an undeserved community. I did tip bc I'm greatful for their company and the work they do. But a t-shirt? Gtfoh.


u/simbaismylittlebuddy Jan 15 '22

WhAat!? That’s obscene. Who would you be tipping? The fucking algorithm?


u/sportacus69er Jan 15 '22

I hope you said no


u/sam_sneed1994 Jan 16 '22

I did indeed. I was seriously shocked by it. I had to ask a couple people if they had experienced it before and no one seemed to have seen it before. Sign of the times? i sure hope not.


u/sportacus69er Jan 17 '22

Let’s hope not - I certainly won’t be tipping after buying a shirt though…