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So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/omaewamounishindeiru Jan 14 '22

I could squeeze a week's worth of groceries out of $77 smh


u/noburpquestion Jan 15 '22

The OP clarified this as spread between 4 teens. Really not a lot of money.


u/insertnamehere02 Jan 15 '22

"Teens" explains the lack of tipping. Anyone who's served knows that a table of kids is a lost cause and should expect to be stiffed.


u/nyxcha0s Jan 15 '22

The table didn't stiff anyone.. the boss did. When a customer regardless of age comes in and pays for service they have already paid towards wage.. tipping is making the customer pay twice, the onus is on the establishment to not "stiff"


u/thebigenlowski Jan 15 '22

Except that’s not how it works. The customer is quite literally stiffing the server. You can argue whether or not the tipping system should be used or not, but in the current system the customer is still stiffing the server because that’s where they make their money. Whether or not tipping sucks, it’s still screwing over the servers


u/shiftmyself Jan 15 '22

Yeah. They could have gotten their food to go if they didn’t want to tip. The gaslighting in this thread is insane. Sure, tipping culture is toxic, but shifting the blame to the employer to relieve the blame on the customer is simply wrong. Some restaurants are massive billionaire corporations…


u/[deleted] Jan 15 '22



u/thebigenlowski Jan 15 '22

Get the food to go then. If you can’t afford to add a tip to your meal then you’re too broke to sit down at a restaurant to eat.


u/insertnamehere02 Jan 15 '22

People like this aren't even about the wages, they just don't want to and throw a Karen like tantrum about it, citing all this shit as justification because they just don't want to/want to pay extra for their meal.

"HUR IT'S NOT MY JOB TO PAY YOU!" reeks of a classist mentality. I bet they look down at their server and see them as less than vs an equal working to make a living, too.

This undertone is mostly what I see when I see reddit get triggered by the topic of tipping. I fully understand the issue of tipping culture and why it can be problematic, but if you read all the arguments of the especially rabid users responding, it's obvious that their stance isn't about better wages/servers being paid a pittance - it's a tantrum because they're outraged they have to even leave a tip because how dare you!! The responses remind me a lot of what we've seen during this pandemic - "wah, I don't want to, so I'm gonna rage like a toddler throwing a tantrum." 🙄

I would be able to take these arguments more seriously if it wasn't so blatantly obvious they're being classist douchebags.


u/Challenge-Upstairs Jan 16 '22

You're literally arguing that people being paid minimum wage should be the ones paying someone else's wage, ontop of the meal they just purchased, rather than the worker's likely multi-million or multi-billion dollar employer.

The poor shouldn't be the ones paying wages to the poor. The rich, who gain their wealth from the poor should be the ones paying the wages of the poor, who provide the work which brings them their profits. You may think people are being classist, but to be honest, your comment makes you look like a class traitor.


u/insertnamehere02 Jan 16 '22

So you're assuming that everyone going out to eat is paid minimum wage?

That's some logical fail. Shoo.

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u/BrendanLSHH Jan 15 '22 edited Jan 15 '22

If enough people screw over servers the servers quit for different work. If enough people quit for different work and the restaurant cannot staff workers then conditions of employment change. (We are currently seeing this with other industries now mainly logistics)

Lets all be honest with ourselves though, I’ve known enough restaurant workers, they don’t want the system to change. If you don’t want the system to change don’t whine when it doesn’t go your way.

FYI this isn’t personal for me as I take out not done in. Just pointing out basic cause and effect on a large scale.


u/Laneyb99 Jan 15 '22

Lol “if enough patrons exploit servers for their wages, the restaurant will have to close down because servers will be getting exploited at both ends and be forced out of work” and this sounds good to you?? Boycott if you feel this way ffs. That’s like saying “not only should we buy from Kellogg’s instead of boycotting, let’s also actually make their employees jobs HARDER! That’ll ruin Kellogg’s for sure, and then we can still eat Cheezits in the meantime!”


u/BrendanLSHH Jan 15 '22 edited Jan 15 '22

Except your missing the part that the law Clearly states if servers don’t make enough in tipped wages by the end of the week The Employer Has To Make Up The Difference To Minimum Wage. The server isn’t “Exploited” because there is law and protections in place to prevent that. If you don’t like the terms of your working conditions you should fight to change them 🤷‍♂️. I don’t see a whole lot of servers fighting for change because they know this system benefits them and their employer more than it should at the expense of the consumer.


u/insertnamehere02 Jan 15 '22

Lol. Shoo. This argument from the anti tipping crowd is becoming old meme.