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So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/OneMillionSchwifties Jan 15 '22

Walmart will fire you for eating unopened, but expired beef jerky from the dumpster. They'll even wait a whole year to bring it up and fire you over it.


u/Tribblehappy Jan 15 '22

I worked at a PetSmart. Sometimes aquariums arrived broken, and we would salvage usable items (starter kits would have filters etc). A coworker took some sample packs of bacterial starter and was fired. For taking samples ... Which came from written off product.


u/TatsuandFlorian Jan 15 '22

I used to work at petsmart. I never got sacked for it but the things from work we took home were the animals too old to be sold when people brought them back.


u/zeusrulz Jan 15 '22

I also worked at PetSmart and I never want to work there again, my manager was actually awesome but I had to witness a hamster die from blood loss because of wet tail and because of the return policy thing where you can return animals as long as it's before a week or two, we got two parakeets that were returned because their necks were broken and it appeared it was done deliberately I felt so bad


u/TatsuandFlorian Jan 15 '22

That's vile, those poor birds. I used to feel particularly protective of the rats because some people would just assume a single rat and a small cage was a viable option. I used to spend a long time going around the shops with the people I didn't put off building up a vast trolley of everything to keep a pair very comfortably housed. I got away with it because it would cost them quite a bit. My favourite bit was probably the dog regulars and people leaving their pre vaxed puppies for me to hold on till while they went around to pick up supplies. I remember a lot of fat, bald, warm little tummies. I also found the walk in combined with putting out large delivery bags a very good gym substitute. Eventually I left because the wages were so poor and I was mentally bored. Shifts weren't my favourite thing either.