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So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/Cerael Jan 15 '22

I like where the cooks make 14 flat and are doing more labor.

I didn't say servers don't work hard but the work required to cook that much often goes unappreciated in these posts.

Let's include all restaurant workers. Corporate spots don't tip cooks ever


u/Abbaddonhope Jan 15 '22

Can’t they just pay everyone involved more


u/Lonely_Animator4557 Jan 15 '22

They could but that could decrease profits and decrease stock value which would anger the investors and cause them to switch cfo or ceo or some other multi million dollar position which they can’t


u/marker_dinova Jan 15 '22

It goes much further than that. Sometimes we talk about “investors” like a round table of Illuminati shrouded in shadows. But the reality is that if we own 401Ks, IRAs, any index fund, or even some Insurance products, we are have a seat at that round table. If we don’t see that graph pointing upwards for a few quarters/years, we’re calling up our financial advisers. Sometimes it’s even automated. Our entire economy is based on forcing every business to grow continually. When they can’t do it organically they’ll do it any way possible: reduce quality and/or screw their employees. It’s unsustainable because infinite growth doesn’t exist.