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So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/xTrump_rapes_kidsx Jan 15 '22

Absolutely. Force closure of exploitative business


u/tr0pheus Jan 15 '22

Oh that's great. How will you then get tax revenue for this utopia? How will extensive government and security come when you want to force shut businesses?


u/xTrump_rapes_kidsx Jan 15 '22

Ah I see you believe that it is impossible to turn a profit without exploiting workers. So you must be a capitalist guilty of these same crimes against humanity yes?

No? Then you're just simping for capitalists without being one

We aren't forcing businesses to shut down, we are forcing wage slavery out of existence


u/tr0pheus Jan 15 '22

The device you are commenting from was made from said capitalist. Throw it out. REGULATED capitalism works. UNREGULATED makes USA-like oligarchies. OVER REGULATED makes for societies where no one wants to make a difference. Why become a doctor, when you can sweep a street and make the same.

Denmark is REGULATED , but on the way to OVER REGULATED.

It's really not rocket science. Don't go full communism because full capitalism didn't work. Seek the middle ground, don't be so extreme