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So sorry, I'm broke so I can only pay you $77 for my food. You were great though.

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u/Erect_Llama Jan 15 '22 Wholesome Take My Energy

One of the biggest things in America I'll never understand is why tipping is so important. Like why tf can't the server's get paid a decent wage? Why do they live off of tips?


u/ESP-23 Jan 15 '22

Because States like Texas can pay their servers $2.13 an hour

It's oppression plain and simple


u/Spidaaman Jan 15 '22

lol it’s not just Texas.

Google the National Restaurant Association. Also google the federal tipped minimum wage.


u/erikagm77 Jan 15 '22

California servers get paid at least minimum wage. More and more states are moving away from “tipped minimum wage”. I believe NYC is also among them.