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Boss made transphobic remarks to me, a person who falls under the Trans umbrella.


So I am an amab Non binary person. I work with children in a sport environment. The place i work at is a small buisness and caters to athletes of all ages, I came in as a specialist from a very well known company in the sport and industry. (Worked with Olympians, trained by Olympic level coaches) I can work in all programs which include boys, Girls, preschool, teams, pre teams, special education, specialty classes, ect.

I recently wore some longer nails for just a few days, and decided to take them off as they were getting in the way of my hands on work. I did explain to the parents that they were flexible and came off quite easily to ensure the children would not be scratched by them.

Today after teaching three classes I was pulled aside by the owner and was told that some parents were bothered by my nails (this is a very conservative establishment, they were not worried about it being a safety issue). He told me that seeing a "man" with nails has some people worried and that they are scared about it. That having black nails are an issue. (There are several female employees with similar nails)

He then stated that with current times and all these genders it isn't like it used to be, and in his establishment there are strictly only two genders, and the way he said it heavily implied that I must follow traditional gender roles.

I recently moved across the country partly to get away from situations like this.

I am already looking for another job, in a different industry as this one doesn't pay very well (its mostly highschool and college kids). As soon as I get a new job I will immediately resign. Which is bad for them as they are losing lost of staff and are planning on having me take over a program for them. They will not have the staff to cover all the classes and will most likley have to close or severely limit the program.

Once I leave I will offer my services to keep them afloat until they can find staff to fill the position, however I will come in as an independent contractor with a much higher rate.

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About to get fired


Well it seems I’m about to get fired. This company has fucked me from day one and proven time and time again they do not care about employees. In fact they’ve even taken away a dollar from my hourly wage for their own bullshit reasons. Today I gave some pushback to some of their bullshit and not even 15 minutes later, I hear they’re considering letting me go. I don’t know why Im so upset, I hate this job even though I’m good at it. Idk why I’m posting this but if you are on WA state, FUCK AERO PRECISION!!!!!

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Taco Bell advertisement featuring a TikTok of an employee having a mental breakdown mental crying on the floor… really Taco Bell?

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Why am I forced to study and work for subjects that I have 0 interest in?


I'm an IGCSE student and I have 0 fucking interest in studying shit like science and math even tho I'm forced to learn that garbage. Obviously, you need to learn basic things and critical thinking there's no debate but most of the hardcore stuff we're learning is useless for what I want to do (writing). My mom even thinks so, but her opinion is that I need to conform to this trash system anyway in order to get into an 80,000 college/university and get a legendary degree that'll make me bank and my dick grow 8 inches. (and also get into legendary debt we need to work 7 jobs simultaneously in order to pay it off).

But why? Why need to learn all this stuff to get into college/uni? Why do I need to waste my time doing shit that doesn't help me in the future for something that won't even guarantee me success in the future? I wanna continue working on my high fantasy novel I want to write and work on an indie game with a friend and learn to use software to make simple music... but I don't have TIME! I don't have time to work on my passions because I have to wake up at 7 to go to school and end at 4 to get home and do several hours of homework and revisions to get ready for the next topic tests I have every week.

I wish this education system would change so that we could work on a little bit of the crucial things we must learn in order to continue living and mostly focus on exploring our passions and things that we love doing. I get that when you're young it's important to do all of these things in order to figure out what you love doing but the way they teach it to you is terrible and by the time you're a teenager you should have figured out what your interests are and mostly focus on developing those skills.

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What's the average political orientiation of this sub?


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Why does everyone act like a degree that took a few years to get should automatically mean a lifetime of making a lot if most of what you learned you don’t use?


Obviously there are specific exceptions, like doctors and dentists.

Tons of degrees don’t really mean much though

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I Believe My Workplace is Operating... Basically Illegally (Canada)


Let me start by saying:

  1. I do not want for this place to be shut down or anything, I simply just want things to be done properly.
  2. I very much understand that I can just up and leave, find another job blah blah but there's more to it than that and I'm a bit more invested than any other job... However

My employer could not care any less about their employees.

They took the company over from their parents years ago to keep the family business alive and somewhere between then and now (maybe even earlier who knows) all of the government laws that an employer has to follow seem to have gone out the window at this place.

Quite a large portion of my work involves me being inside an enclosed space and hauling metal carts that are roughly 7ft high by 5ft long by 3ft wide. This enclosed space is often times being pumped with some sort of mist (that I'm constantly inhaling and exposed to) that I learned this week was full of pesticide--one that you need a permit in order to purchase. Now, one would think that working with carts of that size and weight which are prone to injury we would be required to wear steel toed boots... Nope, as long as you're working fast enough Boss doesn't care. One may also think that working in (in, not with... Basically swimming in the shit) what my coworker told me was a schedule 3 pesticide that maybe we would at least be told what the name of the pesticide is?? Nope, WHMIS (Chemical labelling/safety & all that jazz) does not exist here, regardless of the fact that we work with numerous pesticides. I have yet to see a warning label anywhere around this place.

This is literally only the beginning, I haven't even started getting into it yet... The shit pay, the things I was never told in an interview, the safety orientation I never received, the harassment we get for taking our breaks which we're entitled to, etc. etc....But I'm already miserable from just this so I think I'm done for at least now.

If you have any idea of what I can do / where I can go to get somebody to take a look at this place or how to get some changes made, please be my guest I'm all ears! Thanks.

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What does this subreddit think of overemployment?


The idea is grabbing additional jobs and keeping them secret from your employer, essentially making double pay. Put in just enough effort to keep the job

I’ve picked up a second remote job 2 months ago, making just over 300k/year with both jobs combined.

In total, I work around 30-45 hours a week, a lot of time gets spent on meetings but I also skip a lot of meetings

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How I jumped on the antiwork bandwagon


Repost with more info because my first post was removed.

This is the story of my firsthand experience with terrible bosses who exploit workers. FTR I’m willing and able to work hard, but I will never again let myself or my employees be overworked and under compensated.

This all happened long before I knew about this sub, so maybe I was antiwork, before I knew I was antiwork?

I used to be the manager of a business.

I always paid my employees as much as I could without the owner getting super mad. Often I paid them more than I was “allowed to” specially if they were great employees who I wanted to keep happy because they made the business more money.

I was also at a point where the owners had no one else to replace me even if they did want to fire me. So I handed out raises like candy…. And guess what?!? I had great fucking workers.

I ended up leaving the position for many reasons (the big one was being sick of being unappreciated). Now a new person is in my place, and he kisses the owners asses… a real yes man. He doesn’t pay people what they deserve, doesn’t approve time off, makes people stay after their shifts, all the shitty things…

And guess what reditors? This business is extremely close to closing its doors.

I feel bad for my former coworkers. But I’m too busy counting they money I’m making working for a business owner who values me. But I have offered many of them positions at my new place if they want to come to the light side.

Moral of the story- antiwork doesn’t mean we won’t work, we won’t work for less than we deserve.

And we all deserve the best!

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Anyone no what i should do?


Told my supervisor ,weeks ago ,about upcoming appointment but of course they proceed to schedule me anyway for a shift I can't work. Told her I couldn't work this shift but after a big guilt trip about coverage I volunteer to work 6 hours of the 10hr shift and she would just have work the last 4hrs. As I'm leaving today she informs me ill need a doctors note for this appointment since its during work and I'm leaving early (had requested day off completely). I'm like okay whatever no big but then she proceeds to tell me I will need the time of my arrival at the appointment on the note and exact time of appointment as well as a separate note for my personal file (ongoing treatmemt) for any future appointment that could possibly interfere with shifts like id know when those would be. I make an appointment then let them know when it will be with plenty of notice. I asked my doctor about this and he refused saying the only thing he could put on there was my name and the date pretty much. Do you think I will be written up and reprimanded for only having a doctors note with that info?

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The nail that sticks out does not get hammered down. You also shouldn't judge others by the company they keep. (Usually) Two proverbs which are now out of date.


With the Japanese proverb "Nail that sticks out" it refers to a person that does not blend in. I believe with today's entrepreneurial nessecities. True entrepreneurs can blossom. The nail or person brave enough to stand up to their boss or rights may get a hammering and may stick out but they might win big in the court case.

I believe the second one is also Japanese too.

It refers to judging a man or woman based on the friends they keep.

What this doesn't account for is shitty company you are forced to keep because you couldn't get out of a bad circle of friends or coworkers. People shouldn't judge you for this also.

I'm not sure but there's definitely some people I don't like when I'm working or judge unfairly. This is human nature and to understand this means you can better understand yourself.

So in summary some rules can be bent others broken if done with the right mindset.

Not all proverbs are solid.

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Why do some people have to work and others just get a pass


I have been working most of my life. Harder than I should have, but I always had something I was working toward, beyond the bills.

I know life and the world isn’t fair. But are we really here to sleep, work and spend the rest the remaining quarter of our life is ours to live (after life chores etc).

I know work to live not live to work. I just would rather do what I consider work, not always others.

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The current situation in the US is the result of arrogance


I imagine many people around here have known someone whose arrogance ended up being their demise. In competitive sports, jobs, academically, etc. For us of us slightly more sane, it is clear that being arrogant blinds you of your defficiencies. Without knowing where you lack, it is impossible to improve.

Cultural arrogance in the US takes the form of the toxic "America is the best country in the world", "We are #1" , etc. which is a deviation from a perhaps healthier form of patrotism based on love. I think this arrogance is at the foundation of our society cracking.

My dad lives in a very conservative area in the midwest. He is the typical white christian that's insanely pro America. It doesn't matter what social issue we are talking about (homelessness, school shootings, healthcare, higher education, wealth inequality, etc), his conclusion is always the same: "we are still the best at X".

I suspect this mentality is shared by politicians and people in power when they keep squeezing the American public. As if it doesn't matter how far they push, we somehow magically will remain #1. They fail to see the relationship between the economic and educational opportunities that made America "great" originally and somehow believe this position is godsent. I really think they believe America will remain a "great" country regardless of what they do to it because of some relationship between god and America in their heads. They are slowly choking the goose that lais golden eggs and they don't even know it.

My mom is not American and I grew up the first half of my life in Mexico (but I was born in the US). I was always politically inclined being the son of 2 different nationalities. The relationship between economic opportunities, education and poverty were a little bit more obvious to me I think than most average Americans. It is truly a crime what these people have done to our country.

America had (has?) the opportunity to be a truly great country. A country that does good rather than evil. But I think that for this to be the case, our society needs to learn humility first.

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just a little oppression-- as a treat Hot take: r/antiwork NEEDS the naysayers.


I see a lot of "bootlicker" comments being thrown around, increasingly lately. Guys and girls, we need this discourse. We need the disagreements or we don't grow. Furthermore, we need conversation, we need debate, we don't need insults and stubborn argument.

We have to be open to listening to the thoughts of the opposition. Often, these thoughts are voiced with the good intention of sparking conversation and intellectual debate only to be met with a "fuck you, bootlicker" from someone who just wants to be right at the detriment of growth. (Really thought about linking a specific post here and decided against it, but if you feel attacked, it was yours)

Opposition breeds advancement. Surrounding yourself with Yes-Men will stagnate your growth.

If you don't like the argument "move where the jobs are," challenge the people saying it to come up with ideas for how to make that work for those who feel they can't just up and move. Instead of putting them down, put them to work.

Infighting is exactly what the corporate overlords want us to do, it's time to identify the common enemy and create allies from the opposition. If we continue to push away everyone who isn't die-hard on our side, we will continue to be viewed as a whiny child throwing a tantrum. We cannot change minds if we dismiss those whose minds we want to change. We cannot alienate people we seek to change, we have to embrace them.

Antiwork, you're better than this. You have to be better than this. Otherwise what's the point?

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Why not buycott unneccesary businesses that have billions but dont pay a living wage?


What's there to lose?

We subsidize these companies that do this anyways via social programs (among other things).

Most of the companies that do this produce crap thats bad for your health (think: fast food)

Why continue to support them?

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How do I survive avoiding traditional work in this capitalist hellhole of a world?


I'm a teenager and I know that I will not be able to work due to anxiety and executive dysfunction. I am autistic, but probably not enough to get benefits. I hate capitalism and think it's fucking horrible that my neurotype could prevent me from having a decent life. The current job system is horrible and biassed and I do not want to engage with it. How would I survive?

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Joann Armstrong, former director of HR for The School District of Beloit, this you?

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I actually liked my job


they just fired me

so....what are the chances of me finding ANOTHER job I actually like?

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Imagine working really hard for 1 hour and this is all you get. Thats me.

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Anyone that can help with this feeling?


Hi, everyone, sorry if maybe it's not the correct place to post, but I'm lost and confused. I got my dream job under the biggest role model of my work industry after three months of taking a course under their guidance.

My then teacher/now boss is aware of my skills as well as my flaws. As well as I've been of theirs. Their little flaws include working extra hours (I happily accept, part of the job), not being paid on time (I happily submit, part of their quirks) and them not having everything immaculately priced so I need to be phoning them for every single thing all the frigging time (I've tried to solve this by making a paper with the prices, but so far, they've decided to ignore this).

So, despite my enduring, either due to a whole month of late payment, the extra hours, and even 18 days straight without a free day, I have smiled, I have been extra polite, emphathetic, comprehensive and extremely eager to help. I'm also a new worker despite being close to my thirties, so I wanted to be easy to deal with. I thought everything would be okay but... it's not going too well.

I am highly inexperienced in my job. This and the fear that infunds me doing it wrong prevent me from learning fast and as efficient as they needed for the job. They are aware of this, and they've been patient when things are NOT under pressure. But I've been informed recently that I must do a certain task for my job for a special VIP customer that requires much, much, much more skill from what I posses, as well as time needed to complete. I am unable to do this task, yet I must alone by myself with no help, which means, customers will be unhappy (I also feel bad for them, since it's not their fault). I've been a good bootlicker and openly expressed my concerns to my boss - I have been ignored and even got a "what do I even pay you for?" comment.

So, what did I exactly fail at? Was I not exploitable enough? I am borderline in illegal working hours and yet I am desperate to make it because I do truly adore my work.

I know most stories have two sides, and I'm sure theirs matter as well. But gods, do I feel incredibly shitty now. And time keeps ticking. What even should I do, besides preparing as best as I can.

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People need to watch The G Word with Adam Conover.


I feel that it is interest-adjacent, and important for people to know.

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Saying "just get a better job" or "just move somewhere cheaper" on this sub should merit an instant ban


Even if only a temporary one.

There is no excuse for knowing better than to post idiotic Boomer propaganda. Especially here.

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Extreme retirement


I enjoy my job but I also want to retire at 40 (15) years I’m thinking of living in my car and having no children. I wa r to move to California because it’s a dream

Yes it’s like a billion dollars for everything Yes it’s crowded Yes gas is like 50 bucks a drop Yes taxes are 500%

But it has culture history food and so much I want to explore

I’ll give up a home so I can live in California plus it’ll allow me to use a gym daily to get me in shape

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Jealous Cook w/ A Harem Is Going To Cost My Husband His Job


Okay so just some back story The company my husband (52, who has 30+ years experience in the restaurant industry) has worked 11 years for made him the Interim GM after they got rid of the previous GM, He has literally been killing himself working 85-95 hours per week to make this restaurant run, answering his phone in the middle of the night for issues, covering shifts when there are callouts, on weekends working the floor, bar & kitchen when he is literally the only one there because there are only 3 associates that can work weekends & the weekend night manager needs more help otherwise she’ll close the unit, (I literally had to beg him to turn his phone on do not disturb for one night so he would get more than 3 hours of sleep between working) & the night cook is a woman beater & sleeping with pretty much the entire female foh crew & one of the managers, & for some reason because my husband works with everyone at some point during the week this cook has started spreading rumors about my husband sleeping with everyone because he is jealous my husband is at the unit the same time they are. And there is a power struggle because the other managers think they can run the unit better so the cook made an official report with HR & one of the other managers backed him to HR as a power move to get my husband out of the way. And HR gave my husband the news that corporate is flying up on Monday which most likely means he’s getting canned because of these ridiculous rumors & she sent him a personal message saying “you know that place is going fall apart with out you.” And he’s trying to take it in stride because he’s like corporate is going to do what they think is best for the company. This whole thing has me more stressed than he is.