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Boggles the mind.

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This Website Records Studies On Workplace Related Suicides

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How your boss thinks

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How are low wage workers going to even get too work if gas really hits $6/gallon this Augest?


Right now there's analysts predicting that gas nationwide could hit $6.20 by august. Just to put that into perspective that would mean that if your making the federal min wage of 7.25/hr you have to work close to 1 hour just to put 1 gallon of fuel into your car. And if you make 15/hr 1 hour of work will only get you 2.5 gallons of gas. This is complete insanity, soon people won't even be able to afford to work anymore. In america our cities were intentionally built to only be accessible via car, so people can't just bike or take public transit too work. Not too also mention diesel prices are going to cause the cost of delivering goods to skyrocket like crazy because more owner operator truck drivers are going to either quit or try and charge their clients more money for the increased gas prices. Like what is even going to happen when you lose money just going to work? Low wage workers do the most essential tasks of our society, they make sure we have food at the grocery stores, that we can buy goods from stores, that we can go out to Restaurants and enjoy life.

"Cruel summer": Gas could hit $6.20 per gallon nationally by August, analyst predicts - CBS News

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Reposting with more info: neighbor is baffled when landscapers cancel during the first heatwave of the season, after it ‘s been cool and rainy for weeks!

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Trash company didn’t pay employees. There I fixed the headline

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Do we think this one is a typo?? I hope….

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Taco Bell advertisement featuring a TikTok of an employee having a mental breakdown mental crying on the floor… really Taco Bell?

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The Concept of the 40h Work Week is Bullshit


Whenever I get some time off work I'm left wondering what kind of person I'd be if I wasn't forced to be productive for most of my time.

What's the point in living if every waking hour is labour? I'm either working, cooking, doing chores, keeping healthy.

I don't even have kids.

How is this not universally seen as a full fledged dystopia?

Even in the best case scenario of having a full weekend for myself, how is having 2 days out of 5 considered freedom?

I'm burnt out as fuck and I don't see how working hard to have free time when I'm old has any value. I'll be old.

I'm burnt out.

Fuck this.

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would it be possible ?


Do you guys and gals think we could actually pull off some form of a middle finger to the corporate world? Do we all have sick time? We should pick a day any day and just do it, either all call in or something. Band together brother and sisters. Life can be better.

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Interesting how the Law of Supply & Demand doesn't apply to labor.


Without fail, every time I try to have a conversation about the high cost of living and rising rents someone always spouts the Law of Supply & Demand to me as justification for these high prices.

But now, since there is a shortage of labor, why does the Law of Supply & Demand no longer apply?

But, the thing is, there's been a shortage of labor for a long time now. It's only people being more vocal about the cost of living that's brought the issue to the forefront.

But businesses won't acknowledge the Law of Supply & Demand when it comes to labor.

From their POV, people are "just lazy or ungrateful".

IMHO this proves the Law of Supply & Demand is, and always was, just a bullshit excuse to raise prices to make more profit.

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After 2 weeks working at a Farmer's agency, I decided to quit. One of the most unprofessional, slimey places I have ever worked at.


Where do I begin? It started when I was contacted by a Farmer's recruiter. He stated the base pay for an insurance producer is $35,000-$40,000 and with commission that can go as high as $75,000 a year. I knew they always exaggerate the achievable amount for commission in regards to sales jobs but even $40,000 was more than I was currently making at the time. Anyways he did mention I would have to pass a state exam so there were some courses and licensing fees (which totaled over $250+ not including the live scan service fee and other fees for signing up) but assured me they will reimburse me once hired.

So a couple of months later I finally became officially licensed and started going to Farmer's agency for interviews. The agents who interviewed me seemed very inexperienced and unprofessional (1 had their kids running around and crying in the back while I was being interviewed). Anyways I accepted an offer at one of these Agency's because they offered a couple dollars more than what was offered at the other agency. Right off the bat the recruiter blatantly lied, base pay was not $35,000-40,000. I was offered minimum wage then was able to get offered a measly $1 bump. Also, the agency owner as well as the district office stated they do not reimburse for courses they listed to complete nor the licence fee. The recruiter lied, this is misleading.

Once work actually started I realized that the agency owner already laid off the 2 other employees who were working there. For the entire 2 weeks it was just me and the agency owner at the office. The worst part is the owner would be gone half the time to do personal/family related things and expected me to take care of everything the job entails knowing I had no prior experience. Simple things I ran by the agency owner to confirm I was doing my job correctly and make sure there were no errors. This owner doesn't even know how to operate through the Farmers agency dashboard. On the very first day I was given the key to open/close the office. I had no clue it would be just be by myself opening/closing and trying to attempt to essentially run the business by myself. To make things even worse the owner had me do tasks unrelated to the job such as help people move a desk that was at least 300 pounds (the owner was selling old furniture from the office through Craigslist/OfferUp) and wanted me to help. Even worse, the owner had me process payments for another company, unrelated to Farmer's not the tasks that are expected of me. The last straw was when I was already clocked 10 minutes past 5pm and was still on the line with Farmers support to process a customer's payment. I told the agent that it is past 5 o'clock and I need to leave. The response was "A good employee does not look at their clock and leave right away" FUCK THAT, I am being paid a dollar more than minimum wage hourly. If I am working a minute extra with no overtime/compensation no wonder no one else is working at that damn office. I politely said "see you Monday" knowing damn well I'm not coming back to that hellhole again.

TLDR; Farmer's is the biggest scam of a company. Red flags everywhere starting from the recruiter lying and misleading that they reimburse the costs which add up, to the base pay. Owner expected me to run their business smoothly singlehandedly knowing I had no experience and was just learning how to navigate through the dashboard/system. The owner did not even know how to do simple things themselves like process a quote or change a customer's mailing address.

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Extreme retirement


I enjoy my job but I also want to retire at 40 (15) years I’m thinking of living in my car and having no children. I wa r to move to California because it’s a dream

Yes it’s like a billion dollars for everything Yes it’s crowded Yes gas is like 50 bucks a drop Yes taxes are 500%

But it has culture history food and so much I want to explore

I’ll give up a home so I can live in California plus it’ll allow me to use a gym daily to get me in shape

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Getting paid more than other workers who have been here 2+ years. Was told not to discuss my wages with others and certainly don’t want to lose this job. What would you do?


So obviously this is bad for everyone involved including myself because there is a potential someone else will get paid even more than me in the upcoming time at the company but I do genuinely enjoy working here even though I have just started the staff is good and the safety involved with how we deal with unsavory clients is perfect because it gives them a tight rope so they stay in good behavior. I also hate the fact that my coworkers are making less than what I make despite being with the company longer. Is there a way I should go about this to help them or am I being a fool since they already know I tried to discuss wage and am the only one making more than the rest of the techs in my position. My mom and girlfriend think I’m being stupid for looking out for my coworkers.

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The Betterment Center


Recently I cut myself dicing mushrooms for a stir fry. My first thought as I saw the blood welling out of my hand was Wow that is really red.

The second thought was I wonder how much this is going to cost. When I went to the local urgent care center, I found out they did not take my insurance. It would be $250 dollars out of pocket if I wanted to see their doctor. I had precisely $424.76 dollars in my bank account and was unsure whether this was worth parting with half of it.

My other options were to wait days to see an in-network doctor, or sit for hours in the emergency room. I couldn’t sit in the emergency room for hours even if I wanted to; I needed to get to work to pay for my health insurance. As I sat in my car to put Neosporin and Band-aids on my hand, I gazed out onto the parking lot and daydreamed about something better. I would call this the Betterment Center.

The Betterment Center would be a place where you can come to get a nurse to look at basic bruises and cuts, colds and upset stomachs. There’s no worry about insurance; the Betterment Center is free and open to all.

The Betterment Center makes it so people who do not have insurance are not waiting until ailments become critical before they are checked out in the emergency room, saving millions in tax payer dollars in the process. The Betterment Center keeps people from going to the hospital for minor concerns. Here nurses can prescribe people over-the-counter basic medicines like Tylenol, cough drops, Antihistamines, insulin; everyone gets $500 a year of basic medicine supplies from the Betterment Center.

But pivotally, the Betterment Center is proactive. While it has resources to help with bruises and cuts, here nurses can also prescribe people long walks or yoga. With the prescription of more exercise comes vouchers for classes the Betterment Center runs directly or that can be used for reduced prices in local gyms and fitness centers. The government will also pay you for the time you spend working out, up to 80 hours per year. This is not the government being nice: for people who do not exercise they on average cost the healthcare system $2,500 more than those who regularly get thirty minutes of walking in five times a week. Nurses can also prescribe fresh food, a prescription that comes with up to $150 a month in vouchers that can be used solely on fresh produce. At 4pm every Sunday, when the farmers market closes, the Betterment Center holds the Secondary Market where any of the unsold produce can be gotten for half price. The Betterment Center has a line of computers that host modules on health-related topics: basic nutrition, personal accounting and finance, basic cooking, personal hygiene, sex ed. All of the basic things a family or a school is meant to teach, but some missed the lesson. Plus, the government will pay an hour of minimum wage for each module a person completes.

The local running club meets here, so too does the Zumba for those above fifty. Every Monday local restaurants showcase a healthy recipe for people to cook, and there’s usually free samples afterwards. Tuesdays is Teen Night where there’s chats about sex and relationships and there’s always an enormous bowl of brightly packaged condoms and tampons for teens to take. Wednesdays are for expectant mothers and dads to learn about childcare, and Thursdays are for those over 50, while Fridays are for mental wellness talks and all are welcome. One day, I hope you see the Betterment Center. Maybe it emerges from a closed down restaurant, or an empty store in the mall, the imagining of something better than what came before. For the greatest country on Earth, we have too long been caught up in competing against each other to realize we’re all overweight and stressed. Work will only ever demand greater efficiency; we need to demand a world built where we can be well.

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Companies hiring recruiters?


So just browsing in work searching apps, I’ve noticed a new trend, lots of companies are hiring recruiters, “talent seekers” and other similar positions.

Is this a new strategy to get workers? Instead of paying more or improving working conditions, they wanna hire specialists to trick people into working for them? I might be being paranoid, but it is a huge trend right now.

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What would y’all be doing if y’all stopped working?


I had to temporarily quit my job because of mental health reasons. I’ve been trying out new hobbies and recently found out that I like doing landscape photography. There’s something magical about sitting outside listening to the birds sing and feeling a gentle breeze blow against my skin. Podcasting seems like fun too having midnight talks with friends or hell even random people. So I’m curious as to what y’all would be doing. Edit* sorry for the grammar

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What has tech done to our workplaces? There’s more paranoia, accusations, blaming and uncertainty.


Rationality and compassion are hard to find. We’ve been told by large companies that tech helps us live more effectively. I disagree.

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me when I first started work: No please don't fire me vs me 7 years later.


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Such a nice friend - saw on another platform

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Saying "just get a better job" or "just move somewhere cheaper" on this sub should merit an instant ban


Even if only a temporary one.

There is no excuse for knowing better than to post idiotic Boomer propaganda. Especially here.

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why are people so lazy..

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