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Of Armenian descent, Sir Khatchik Paul Chater was a very successful businessman who helped shape Hong Kong in its early days. Known as the “Father of Hong Kong”, there are numerous memorials in HK named after him like "Chater Park", "Chater Road", "Chater Street", etc.



u/theytsejam Nov 26 '22

Truly excellent mustache


u/Fuzzy_Molasses_9688 Nov 26 '22

I heard about this man long time ago


u/joseph_canadian Nov 26 '22

This is how amazing Armenian history is. They have gone to all corners of the world and contributed to the societies they live in such as Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, and Japan.


u/korencoin Nov 26 '22

Epic ear hair on the first pic!


u/iReignFirei Nov 26 '22

Armenians have shaped many societies throughout history....maybe one day we'll shape our own country too loool ;p


u/levonvartanian Nov 26 '22

Have you been to Armenia lately? I think we're doing fairly even though we have yet much to do in terms of political infrastructure and corruption. ;)


u/iReignFirei Nov 26 '22

Absolutely. That's why the Turks are increasing their pressure. They know what will happen if we get a real chance to move forward.

And perhaps the horrors they unleash on us draws us to be more united. So that our priorities are the first things we're concerned with.


u/vichistor Nov 26 '22

When you thought you know every noteworthy Armenian figure, and then you keep getting surprised by more, and more ...


u/rawdeez Nov 26 '22

Gypsy from india /s