r/armenia Nov 26 '22

Please advise : what is the best home heating system in Armenia

Please kindly share your experiences with the best home heating system for a 2 bedroom flat. Which works with electric and gas. The current one in our house is always breaking down need to replace with a good reliable one.

Thanks for all 🙏


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u/hovhanp Nov 26 '22

the brand is Lamborghini the mode is taura but I dont think you can find the exact one now it is outdated. Anyways I will recommend the Lamborghini heating systems


u/jaguarauh Nov 26 '22

How about ariston? Any idea


u/armeniapedia Nov 26 '22

Ariston is great. Baxi is great. There are a few others. All of those work off of natural gas which heats water which is pumped through pipes and radiators.

The other option is electric heaters. These cost less to install but they cost more to run as long as Armenia is getting (relatively) cheap gas from Russia.


u/jaguarauh Nov 26 '22

Thank you so much for your suggestion 🙏