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no politics [no-politics] What's happening this weekend? 30/Sep/2023


Now we're done with the Friday venting, what's good in life? Got a new job? Have a date? Going out to a socially distanced restaurant? Climbing, sailing, riding or just working up a hard-earned thirst?

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no politics I got scammed?


Long story short, I was applying for online jobs as I was desperate for work.

I got an email from a company in "Sydney" stating they saw my resume on indeed and they are interested in getting my details and having an interview with me.

There was some talk in between via email about the position. They sent me a PDF to fill out, which included my full name, address, phone number, email, references, and employment history. They also asked for my driver's license to verify this is actually me.

They then asked for a meeting on Microsoft Teams, and as soon as they started the meeting via messaging, I knew this was not legit.

I'm so dumb for falling for this, but it sounded so legit. What can they do with my driver's license details?

Do I bother getting a new drivers license with new details? Apparently I have to get a number from the police, full in a form and take it to the local NSW service centre to get a new license.

Anyhow, should I be worrying? What can they do with my license and other details I gave them? They still don't have my DOB and bank account details, only basic information with my drivers license and I haven't noticed anything odd occur. This happened in July 2023 by the way.

Tl:dr: gave a scammer a photo of my driver's license, what can they do with it? Just a bit worried.

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no politics Who to contact about a business using water instead of alcohol (vodka)?


Hi all, Is it possible to report a business for advertising two hours of drinks (house spirits, beer, wine, soft drinks) for those who purchase a particular ticket type (eg. GA vs VIP) that have replaced the spirit with water? I attended something this weekend and the 'vodka' and 'gin' clearly weren't what was in the bottles. They wouldn't give any dark alcohol as part of the package so one can only assume it was easy for them to switch out.

I know it wasn't vodka because even the best have some taste. Tried different mixers, soda water, orange juice, cranberry juice, lemonade etc. Each tasted as the mixer would.

Not to mention zero feeling as you would get after a couple of drinks.

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politics Airbnb tax rort: why is the government subsidising holiday landlords? - Michael West


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image Lovely big huntsman, species Holconia immanis.

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no politics Australia Institute report reveals Aussie households throwing out $19.3bn of food a year


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no politics Have you had this dry cough going around?


I've had it for a month now. No symptoms besides this annoying tickle in the chest which makes you cough every now and again. Coughing doesn't really help but kind of exacerbates it. Sometimes wheezing.

Everywhere I go I hear people coughing like me. Just non productive coughing. My GP says it's "going around" and seen patients with it for months.

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no politics QANTAS board and chairman must go


I fly domestically for work one or two times a week and internationally up to six times a year. Until recently, all of my flights were with QANTAS. I recently moved all my corporate membership to other airlines. Luckily, Virgin Australia has an offer where they will match QANTAS Gold status, so I don't have to wait for immediate free access to their airport lounges.

I won't consider flying with QANTAS again until the entire board and chairman resign.

A clear message needs to be visibly sent to them. Please use this thread as an opportunity to express your view in a way that might make a difference.

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image Was found that owl nearby .

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image Yuck. Tastes like medicine.

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Unless you like your chocolate to taste like fragrant kids cough syrup, avoid this shit.

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no politics Shouldn't airlines like Qantas or Jetstar have resolved all their issues now that we've made multiple reddit posts about them?


Curious, with at least one Reddit post per day with a few hundred comments on them that should equal about a couple thousand people per week acknowledging these airline issues.

Realistically after about a year we should have close to or over a hundred thousand people campaigning against these airlines (assuming no duplicate posters/commenters). Yet somehow these airlines continue to operate at a sub par quality.

Has anyone reached out to these airlines and notified them that Reddit posts have been made criticizing them? They may not be aware of these Reddit posts and thus they continue to operate at a quality level that is quite poor. Once they are aware of these Reddit posts that should theoretically force them to improve their services.

Kind Regards

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culture & society Yahoo News Australia: Qantas fiasco sees family "downgraded" to Jetstar flight on $10k trip to Edinburgh


Qantas being Qantas. You think this would have been an great opportunity to Improve their shattered image.

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politics PM warns of ‘catastrophic outcomes’ of No vote as Clive Palmer pledges $2m to No camp


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image Typical melbourne shenanigans

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no politics Daylight Saving Time Change Reminder (not all states)


Hi all! Don't forget that at 2am this morning, the daylight saving time changes; 2am becomes 3am.

More info: Confused cows and more time after work: the pros and cons of daylight saving across Australia | Australia news | The Guardian

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image Aussie Teacher at Hogwarts 😂🤣

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no politics What is an example of 'Tall Poppy Syndrome' in Australia?


We have all heard of the concept, but is there a case, preferably involving criticism of a well-known Australian figure, where you can say: "this criticism represents 'Tall Poppy Syndrome' in action"?

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no politics KISS at the Grand Final


Maybe I am just showing my age, but did they not just wake that crowd up and remind us all just how good they really were.

What a wonderful way to end a long and meaningful relationship with Australia…

Thanks so much for almost 50 years of good music and great times.

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image Congratulations? We're the most promiscuous country in the world.

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no politics It should be illegal for Jetstar to treat customers like this


Flying Melbourne to Perth for Pony Club Nationals 1. Booked flight an accommodation months ago at tolerable prices exactly where I need to be, flying in Saturday Morning. 2. Thursday told my flight is cancelled. Rebook to Sunday morning. Cancel Saturday night on accomodation and pushed back car pickup until Sunday. 3. This morning Sunday flight is cancelled, only allow me to book late Sunday evening. My competition is Monday so that won’t work. Cancelled (yet to receive refund), rebooked on Qantas this afternoon at massive expense. Accomodation is now unavailable for Saturday at my hotel, so end up paying more than triple the price at the only nearby hotel with vacancies. Car is also unavailable for Saturday so will have to pay for a more expensive SUV to get around.

All in all I’m nearly $3000 (plus a $2000 security deposit on hire car I hadn’t budgeted for) out of pocket from these changes, which as a Uni student not working while travelling is really unpleasant, lost 4hours on phone calls, have to change hotels during my stay, and am just thoroughly exhausted with all this shit.

The only way this could be worse is if they lose my bag, which Jetstar did for another competitor who rescheduled to yesterday evening, so there bag arrived at 1am so their options were pick it up then or have it delivered by courier this afternoon because no one works in the morning because the flights are all cancelled…

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image “Did you see that?”

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no politics How often is it reasonable for Landlord to come around for gardening


My contract says once a fortnight. They have come over 3 times this week alone and it's usually for at least 6 hours each time. Normally it's once a week at least. The garden isn't that large and it's beyond just maintenance as new garden features are being added.... Like firepits. I work from home and often late due to some work with European clients and I like my privacy and peace and it's really stressing me out.

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image Help - Are these going to eat my japanese maple?

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image They will shout back

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Sign at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary in Tasmania. Are people drunk-zooing here?

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image Map I made of Sydney CBD area showing transit and buildings (repost)

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image An Aussie relic I found when cleaning out my cupboard

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