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r/Catholicism Prayer Requests — Week of August 08, 2022


Please post your prayer requests in this weekly thread, giving enough detail to be helpful. If you have been remembering someone or something in your prayers, you may also note that here. We ask all users to pray for these intentions.

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Pope Francis calls desire for eternal youth 'delusional'

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I don’t think it is possible to be Catholic and not pro life.


I mean of course it’s possible, and a great example of hypocrisy.

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The Heretical Gospel of Judas reads like it was written by a paranoid stoner


At one point in the gospel Judas pulls Jesus to the side and says to him “I know who you are and where you have come from. You’ve come from the Immortal Realm of Barbelo, and I’m not worthy to utter the name of the one who sent you.”

The rest of the gospel is Jesus scornfully, condescendingly, and very rudely laughing at the rest of the apostles to their face without explaining why. When they ask him why, he basically calls them blue pilled and goes “U mad? U mad?” for entire paragraphs. I think this happens like three times.

He may or may not also call the apostles gay. Then he says “Hey all that stuff I told you before that’s recorded in the canonical Gospel accounts? Jk lol it’s just a prank bro.”

Then the apostles politely ask Jesus for guidance in being better, to which Jesus says “Naw”, drops a mic, and leaves.

Then the following exchange between Judas and Jesus cannot be made up. It basically goes like this:

Gnostic Jesus: “Yeah everyone’s going to Hell, unless you’re holy. Now to define what holy is —“

Ripped Giga-Pilled Judas: “Hey btw I had a dream.”

Gnostic Jesus condescendingly, very loudly and borderline angrily laughs at Judas.

Ripped Giga-Pilled Judas: “Ok so in my dream Peter and everyone just kept throwing rocks at me, so I said “forget this” and walked away. Then I decided to follow you to your house (I guess I just caught you walking back home from the marketplace or something lol.) But you wouldn’t let me in. “

Gnostic Jesus: “The dream means that if you’re mortal, you can’t go to Heaven. Because only holy people go to heaven. And mortal people can’t be holy, even though everyone is mortal…………………….. lol.”

Ripped Giga-Pilled Judas: ”Hey btw do you think my sperm is stronger than the sun?“

Gnostic Jesus: “…Anyway, let me tell you about how awesome heaven is, not because you’ll one day get there, but because I want to make you sadder since you and all the other apostles are not going there. Yes I actually say this in the actual text. I’m gloating and bragging about how awesome heaven is specifically to make Judas and the other apostles feel bad without explaining why or how to be saved…

“…Anyway in the beginning there was a great spirit who said ‘I’m going to create an angel and call it the self-begotten because idk.’ And the self-begotten said ‘I’m going to create the biggest, most convoluted cosmology I can imagine because why not.’

“So the self begotten made Adam. Who eventually begot Seth. And then seventy two androgynous angels appeared around Seth. And then the seventy two androgynous angels created three hundred and sixty angels and also some virgin angels because angels can have sex I guess.

“Among the seventy-two angels was an angel named Eleleth, who said, ‘I want to create twelve angels.’ So she created two angels, Yaldobaoth, and Saklas, who each created six angels, adding up to a total of fourteen angels.

“Eleleth said ‘Ahh, I did it. Twelve angels.’


Ripped Giga-Pilled Judas: “Hey how long am I going to live?”

Gnostic Jesus: “Why are you so amazed at my story?”

Ripped Giga-Pilled Judas: “I’m not. Is the soul immortal?”

Gnostic Jesus: “Souls are on loan from the bank of Michael I believe.”

Ripped Giga-Pilled Judas: “What in the world are you talking about?”

Gnostic Jesus: “Hey you should totally betray me.”

Ripped Giga-Pilled Judas: “Alright.”

Jesus then disappears like a ghost, the Pharisees come sprinting into that very room seconds later. Then they say “Bring us Jesus of Nazareth.” And Judas says “Even though he’s not here because the text established that he disappeared, ok.” And Judas somehow hands Jesus over that very moment and gets some money.


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According to this survey, shouldn’t more people be attending Mass?

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Free Friday Our Lady of Korea

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Who wants to pray a 54 day rosary novena with me for deepening friendships and making new friends?


I will include you in my intentions if you also include me in your intentions. Starting today.

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Skipping Holy Communion


I skipped Holy Communion today because I’m in a state of mortal sin and I was thinking how it’s humbling to skip it out of respect and reverence to God. It’s loving in a way which is ironic because I skipped it due to my lack of love at times which caused me to sin. I was just wondering what your guys’ thoughts are and how it can be beneficial to go to mass anyways even if one can’t receive Jesus. I know we still go to love and worship God how he asks but I figured some of you could add to this

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Modesty....as a man?


I never see this talked about but I saw a post from a woman on here asking about modesty and it got me thinking.

I never really, as a man, consider being modest in my appearance or demeanor. I guess I just always thought that women arent "visual creatures" like men, but as I've gotten older I've more or less learned that everyone gets a little excited from time to time.

I recently have been trying to improve myself mostly through reconnecting with my Catholic faith, and reconnecting with my love of fitness by lifting weights. Not to sound egotistical but I have noticed in the 18 or so months I've been working out that the girls at my work will give me way more attention. I dont know if it's because I look better or am more confident but I wont lie I do like it.

I guess my question is mostly for the ladies but where is the line? I used to leave my top button unbuttoned so a little bit of my chest was showing but I think I was doing that to be provocative so Ive stopped that. But I'm still allowed to work out and dress nice etc because I want to look good right? Is it inherently sinful or prideful to want to look good or be attractive?

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What is your favorite Bible verse or passage?


Mine is Sirach 2:4-6.

4 Accept whatever is brought upon you, and in changes that humble you be patient. 5 For gold is tested in the fire, and acceptable men in the furnace of humiliation. 6 Trust in him, and he will help you; make your ways straight, and hope in him.

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Been struggling with lust recently.


And hoo boy and let me tell it never felt this intense and being bombarded by nonstop sexual imagery thankfully I had not watched either pornography or masterbated, it is something I had been struggling with for 2 days and it could be my high libido (at least that is an indicator my vocation is marriage.) ever since I quit porn and masterbation 2 years ago and the last 2 days it has been the most intense temptation constantly having to fight back thoughts and arousal, is almost as if Satan is trying to break me to see if I resort to either of the two and if I did see impure imagery I quickly exit out what imagery that originally did not tempt me is now doing so these couple of days and again it could be high libido and I have no idea if I sinned against God it's been pretty bad. Please pray for me and give me a list of prayers to help me through this also am I alone after overcoming this awful sin only to peak it's head and start nearly putting me down on me knees?

I may have to fast from using the internet on my cellular device if this does not stop.

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Who is God referring to when He says “Let US make man in OUR image?”


I’ve known about r/AcademicBiblical for a while now since one of my friends is a world religions major with a focus in Christianity. He is a devout Catholic and is the only person I know who understands all the different translations and…well, “nitty gritties” of the Bible that you would expect an academic to know.

I’m aware that when we read the Bible, we should not approach it as a text book. It is not a textbook or a regular history book; it’s literally the Word of God. So when I ask my question, please don’t think I’m trying to challenge God’s word to us.

Recently on r/AcademicBiblical, I saw someone ask the question I started this post off with. I found it interesting considering I’m aware of Genesis 1 and 2, but I didn’t give much thought to the plural; I thought God was possibly talking about all the angels and His entire court…or something. But then this person explained that Elohim can be both singular AND plural in the original language, and that the way Genesis 1 was originally written suggests Elohim was used in a plural sense.. Hopefully I explained that right.

So my question is if anyone here has given this any thought. I know the easy answer is just to kind of shrug and brush it off. Even my own response is unrelenting faith, thinking to myself that while I don’t understand, I still believe in God. Obviously. But I wanted to know if anyone has given this any thought, or if there are any academics/studious people who have any ideas as to why the plural was used? The answer I linked to talks about the pantheons and lesser gods of Canaanites and Babylonians. So would that suggest that the original author possibly saw angels or the heavens as lesser gods? Or something? I don’t think that it’s a mistake the author used “us” and “our”, and I don’t think it can be explained away by appeasing to pagans at the time, or something.

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In hindsight, what do you all think of the Church’s response to the COVID?


Now we have the benefit of hindsight, what are people’s thoughts on how the Church responded to the pandemic? What does it say that the hierarchy was so quick to fall in line with government responses and close churches and limit or (in the case where I live) prevent access to the sacraments entirely for months and months on end?

Obviously we know more now than we did and it’s easier to pass judgment now we’re largely over it, but I don’t think it set a great precedent to set. Evidence and outlook can change, but the principle of the right of Catholics to the sacraments (as well as the fundamental need for community) doesn’t. Particularly as Christianity from its inception was known as a group of people who weren’t afraid of getting sick and prioritized physical/spiritual care over the possibility of illness.

I don’t know, looking back I feel quite saddened and angered by the failure of the Church in this time personally. At the time, I submitted to what my bishop/parish priests said (the latter weren’t too thrilled about it though) but after all is said and done, I think it was a huge mistake to just shut up shop so quickly. It speaks to a willingness of the hierarchy to cave to societal pressure and values at the expense of our Catholic faith.

I know there are probably differing opinions on this so I’m not trying to be divisive intentionally - I am genuinely keen and open to hear what you all think.

Grace and peace.

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Converts from Nondenom Protestantism


I am converting from nondenom Christianity. I had two kinds of experiences this past couple of days.

The first was with my father-in-law who, before him and some of our family members moved away, was pastor of our church. On a long drive we somehow got on the topic of LGBT type stuff and he’s convinced the Catholic Church will apostatize on matters of homosexual marriage, transgenderism, etc within the next couple years. I told him that the Pope couldn’t issue a decree or dogma like that because it would contradict previous church teaching. He seems to believe the Pope is like the Mormon President who can just “receive new revelation and change things”. He does not know I am converting to Catholicism.

The flip side, was able to go on an almost 2 hour drive with my brother-in-law, who is the first and only family member I’ve told I’m converting. He spent that whole time asking me questions and letting me explain the Catholic views on the Blessed Mother, Saints, Confession, etc. It was super great.

How have some of you managed the reactions that are less than great from family members?

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What could the Catholic Church have done differently to prevent the Protestant revolution? What mistakes were made that we can learn from for the future?


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Why are Catholics unsure of salvation?


I am trying to fully grasp how the Catholic Church understands salvation. I am Protestant.

In a recent post here, I asked Does the Catholic church hold that Protestants go to heaven?'. The answers I received made it seem like even Catholics are not fully sure of their salvation until they die.

In light of Romans 10:9 and similar passages, it seems that Christians can fully know they are saved - and I would think Catholics would fully embrace this view also.

Can someone please help me understand this?

Thank you!

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Are there any ex-priest saints?


Are there any priests that asked to be laicized that ended up being a Saint?

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How do I not receive the Eucharist at mass?


Hello all!

I’m in a state of mortal sin at the moment, and I cannot get a confession before mass this Sunday. At my church, they don’t offer confessions directly before mass (or at any scheduled time at all, for some reason), so I will just have to go to mass in my current state of sin.

I will be at mass with my mother, whom I love dearly, but she is very lax with confessions, sin, and grace (I don’t think she’s been to confession in years 😬). She regularly receives the Eucharist regardless and doesn’t worry about it.

I really don’t want to receive the Eucharist in my current state, but how do I do that without it being weird? How does one do it at all? The line setup makes it sort of awkward not to receive.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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hi all. i’m struggling a lot with my faith .


hey everyone. hope you’re all well. i (17m) originally posted on r/christianity and one user suggested i post here as well. so, i grew up in the roman catholic church. if you know anything about roman catholicism, you probably know that they kinda make you jump through hoops. over time, i came to view religion as a chore and hated it. my mother is roman catholic and my father is atheist, so for the longest time i have identified as being atheist like my father. for some reason i still feel something deep down, it’s hard to explain. like i feel gods presence but i’m really struggling with bringing myself to acknowledge it. i’ve always felt uncomfortable in church, i’ve always thought of worshiping as a burden. i don’t want to sound whiny or make myself a victim here, but i was wondering if you all could pray for me? and i’d like to hear any tips you guys have for overcoming doubt in faith?

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Protestant girlfriend


My very probably soon to be girlfriend is the daughter of a pastor. I really like talking to her, she definitely is girlfriend material, but when we talk about religion there is some sort of tension. It's like if she wants me to join her parent's church, which I won't, why would I reject the church that Jesus Christ himself founded through Saint Peter?

I believe that religion shouldn't be a business, which is what protestants basically do.

So, what do y'all advice me to do? How should I approach the situation?

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Is it ok if i wear a cross necklace?


I was wondering, is it ok to wear a cross-necklace as a catholic? If so, can I use on from my first communion?

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Is it a sin to spread Eastern Orthodoxy in a fictional game?


As long as I remain Catholic and I am not tempted to convert.

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Straying from His Path


Hey all, I wanted to ask for some guidance from this community. I’ve been a member of the Methodist church for a while but I’ve become disenchanted with it as I learn more about Catholicism. As the title states, I’ve been falling out of grave and holiness. I can’t seem to remain steadfast with the Lord and it’s been so long since I’ve felt the Holy Spirit. I don’t even pray anymore. Please offer up some guidance and practices to send me back to him.

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Looking for Roommates in Newport News area, VA


Hey guys. I’m in the Navy and will be moving to Newport News soon. I’ll probably be gone a lot, but I’m looking for a Catholic roommate to help manage costs and to keep an eye on the place if I’m not there. I’m good with pets as long as they’re manageable.

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Next year I will convert to Catholicism from Protestantism. I have a question though.


I am 15 and cannot yet drive but next year I should be able to drive myself to classes. I plan to do this at a FSSP parish near my town. I am curious if I will be able to be confirmed in the Tridentine Rite. I read that Traditionis Custodes did not permit the Sacrament of Confirmation or Holy Orders to be celebrated in the Tridentine form. Is this true? If so, is this likely to change in the future?