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Now touch both exposed proms with a pair of scissors it's pronounced gif


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u/loli141 Jan 15 '22

Thats a good point actually since they remove it for supposed "targeted attack". They probably just did something stupid and got shamed for it and then cried to youtube about it. But now we cant tell if its actually genuine content or its full of bs


u/sulerin-pulerin Jan 15 '22

If the comments are turned off it's dogshit for sure.


u/Go_On_Swan Jan 15 '22

returnyoutubedislikes is great but for those not in the know or in the interim period before it, people would post a comment saying something like, "Use this comment as a dislike button."


u/unnecessary_kindness Jan 15 '22

That's wonderful


u/verregnet Jan 15 '22

Funnily, a "YouTube Rewind" video got the number 1 spot on the list of most disliked videos on the platform not too long before.


u/rAppN Jan 15 '22

It's Disney and the big companies who complained that the dislike gives bad publicity. The indie youtubers have little to no say about it, I haven't seen any of the ones I follow actually support this decision.


u/rymden_viking Jan 15 '22

Yeah pretty sure they "tested" this function on a very unpopular Star Wars video on the main channel sometime last year.


u/Mud-Important Jan 15 '22

Thats exactly what they did. The jake pauls of youtube are the reason this happened.


u/-Tartantyco- Jan 15 '22

If you're basing anything whatsoever on the likes/dislikes of Youtube videos, you're stupid.


u/loli141 Jan 15 '22 edited Jan 15 '22

You know the guy that does firearm disarming video, he's been getting alot of attention recently. The sad thing is that his video are complete and utter bs and will probably get you kill if you ever try them. If he were joking about it fine but he is real serious about this like it actually helps people, thats when you need dislike to know if its actually stupid or not, you can always look at the comments but it can be rare to see the comment explaining the issues with the video near the top of the comments

(Edit more thoughts): there is also people posting misinformation that have no context but just shows certain parts of events that can lead to violence and pure racism if you are not given more info. Yet again there are comments but the top ones are people actually supporting them and getting influenced by not searching for more info themself and trusting these people.