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Now touch both exposed proms with a pair of scissors it's pronounced gif


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u/dpahoe The Great P.P. Group Jan 15 '22

I assume comments were disabled as well.


u/thirty_7 Jan 15 '22

They will be removed in summer this year anyways


u/m19honsy Jan 15 '22

You're kidding right?


u/RafaNoIkioi Jan 15 '22

They joke, but creators can actually delete comments on their video. There's literally no way to tell if a video is legit now.


u/Halo_hunter157 Jan 15 '22

You kinda of can, you just have to sort by new comments.


u/mind_overflow Jan 15 '22

this only applies to very popular videos


u/ParsaSamimi Jan 15 '22

not if the shitty creator is fast enough

the best way is to check the views and compare them to the like count, if there are at least triple the amount of views to likes, for example 21K views but 2K likes, then probably it's either very MEH or BAD which in both cases isn't a tutorial you want to be following


u/jj4211 Jan 15 '22

Only the negative comments.


u/EquivalentTrouble253 Jan 15 '22

They will? I haven’t seen anything suggesting that. Where did you see that?


u/BlanKaix Jan 15 '22

They're joking lol (Although it wouldn't be too surprising at this point)


u/thirty_7 Jan 15 '22

I was joking, yes


u/lurvas777 It works! Jan 15 '22

Bots comments as well. Mostly you'll see it as porn links but they can be disguised to look human as well. Bots can comment and like on each other's videos, to gain popularity so the yt algo will start recommending it to humans then the races are off.


u/black_rage_hotdogs Jan 15 '22

Comments are going next. The whole point is to muzzle people and push a specific (democrat) narrative. Why else would they remove the dislikes? Looking forward everyone getting sick of the democrat party, by the end of Biden's term you will be so sick of their shit but it's just gonna be that much harder to right the ship since yall took so long to come to grips with reality. My city's mayor soured me on the democrat party (pre orange man).


u/NemesisRouge Jan 15 '22

I don't see how it would help Biden at all. It's more likely to be because they're anticipating a backlash over people killing themselves and citing hostility on YouTube.