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Now touch both exposed proms with a pair of scissors it's pronounced gif


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u/unnecessary_kindness Jan 15 '22

He's Iranian you sick puppy


u/DurgaThangai69 Jan 15 '22

I hope your sick puppy recovers soon



Yes he is Iranian-Canadian but this is reddit, it's okay to put all the brown folks under the same umbrella, regularly talk about Africa like it being a single country or post other generalisations that get heavily upvoted. But don't you dare say someone from North Carolina is similar to someone from South Carolina !


u/MyHamburgerLovesMe Jan 15 '22

Literally none of this has ever happened. Anytime anyone gets anything wrong on Reddit there are a gazillion people ready to jump down their throat. (Yes - nonironically my very comment included)


u/GassyMomsPMme Jan 15 '22

and for what's it's worth, people literally around the world hear south carolina and then immediately forget it and turn it into north carolina. i understand this is a very niche experience, but my anecdotal evidence (personally) is overwhelming. it takes people prob 6-7 rounds of me correcting them where i'm from before they remember it's south carolina. this isn't just around the US, but in europe too. my only assumption is that north carolina is more popular, which is bullshit, bc we're the racist pieces of shit that started the civil war goddammit


u/MyHamburgerLovesMe Jan 15 '22

Weird. Being originally from the mid west, the number of times any Carolina came up in a conversation were close to zero. When it did there was never a problem remembering North or South. Maybe because both were as equally unknown?

I wonder if the Virginia's and Dakota's have the same problem as the Carolina's ?


u/GassyMomsPMme Jan 16 '22

got me. i think north carolina probably comes up in movies more. but who knows


u/Lavatis Jan 15 '22

You stayed in that bubble bath a little too long, the diarrhea got to your brain


u/Bungalow233 Jan 15 '22

Go back to Twitter.


u/JustezaSantiguada Jan 15 '22

I mean tbf Indians and Iranians are pretty close genetically/linguistically since they share a common ancestor