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Now touch both exposed proms with a pair of scissors it's pronounced gif


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u/Nijensleekie Jan 15 '22

This is used to be true. That API feature is gone now. They pulled all historical data before it was gone. New videos have estimations based on the users using their software.


u/cantileverboom Jan 15 '22

Are you sure? It looks like it's still there (see statistics.dislikeCount under https://developers.google.com/youtube/v3/docs/videos#resource-representation )

of course, I wouldn't necessarily be surprised if the docs are out of date

edit: saw the other comment explaining it doesn't work for new videos


u/Nijensleekie Jan 15 '22


That's my source (:


u/GoodJobNL Yellow Jan 15 '22

Could have guessed.

Was gonna say "now we segue to our sponsor"

But with vance sponsorblock i skip those since i read a comment on that video that vance can do that


u/Nijensleekie Jan 15 '22 edited Jan 15 '22

What!? Baked in ads? How?

EDIT: Got it. Update to latest. Settings > vanced settings > sponsorblock


u/GoodJobNL Yellow Jan 15 '22

Nice you found it:))

Nice right?

For others looking here;

You can determine per type of sponsor what you want to do, skip, dont skip, or a button to skip.

And for sponsors you have merch, like/sub promo, intro, and segues / sponsors / nordvpn


u/Nijensleekie Jan 15 '22

Now, if only there was a solution like this for casting


u/GoodJobNL Yellow Jan 15 '22

So... here is the thing

I did some research a while back and you can get apk files to android tv's and some samsung tv's, it is just shitty documented.

And cause i am currently annoyed as hell by youtube tv ads, i was planning to test it out today.

And if it works make a youtube tutorial about it. (Ofc filled with ads at the front, midrolls, and sponsors ;) )


u/Nijensleekie Jan 15 '22

Please keep me updated! I would love to watch it using my Vanced app.


u/GoodJobNL Yellow Jan 15 '22

So there is good news and bad news.

Good news;

I figured out how to delete all the bloadware on samsung tv's*

I also found out that android tv's can run vanced. (so if you have one of those you are lucky)

And i found out how to sideload apps on samsung tv's (its total shit but it is possible)

You can also create apps for it.

Bad news:

Samsung tv needs wgt files to run them. Before you could use the tizen acl to emulate apps, although this did not really work on samsung tv. (there are some but you need to go into deep rabbit holes for this)

There was someone working on a converter but it was too difficult, there was also a group doing the conversion manually but they vanished.

There is someone working on making development easier https://github.com/IssamElNass/React-Samsung-Smart-Tv-Template but he has not been that active.


*how to delete shitty apps on samsung tv:

  1. go to appstore
  2. go to settings
  3. open numpad
  4. type 12345
  5. turn on developer mode by clicking yes
  6. restart tv
  7. go to appstore > settings again
  8. go to an app and lock them
  9. go to that weird option about sending something and enter in content id some characters
  10. when asked for confirm press cancel
  11. now you can delete app
  12. delete user manual, all other apps can be deleted but will reinstall themselves as soon as you turn off the tv, even if you have everything turned off. Fuck samsung.
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