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Now touch both exposed proms with a pair of scissors it's pronounced gif


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u/Mr_Aryan44 Jan 15 '22

He is iranian


u/yoshiyo0 Jan 15 '22

So many people understood who I was talking about and yet people felt the need to be politically correct here…I’m sorry? I don’t know the guy 🤷🏻‍♂️ he’s funny tho


u/dnadv Jan 15 '22

It's not about political correctness. You were just incorrect dummy.

Accept it and move on instead of making it about some political bs.


u/yoshiyo0 Jan 15 '22

Stfu the point is why do I need to be correct here everyone got the message dUmMy 🤪


u/Mr_Aryan44 Jan 15 '22

It's cool! I am not mad or sth just meant to let you know but I should have checked to see if others already said. My bad


u/yoshiyo0 Jan 15 '22

Oh I wasn’t tryna be harsh lol you’re good it was just funny to me


u/Mr_Aryan44 Jan 15 '22

Oh ok! I'm sorry anyway though