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Now touch both exposed proms with a pair of scissors it's pronounced gif


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u/Lauren5Minutes Jan 15 '22

Legitimately, this is why the removal of that feature was harmful.

Not in some 'public safety' way, but it allows channels that spread false information a chance to thrive on the platform - and they shouldnt. Not even for a second. Showering a lazy uploader with dislikes is how they learn not to take shortcuts. As far as the tutorial side of YT goes, that was a badge to say "this person doesnt know what theyre talking about".

Practicing that fake-authority cadence and production quality but still being too lazy to learn what the hell you're teaching absolutely SHOULD ruin your reputation. That's what dislikes are for.


u/prestigious_delay_7 Jan 15 '22

This is also why YouTube used to be superior to googling random instructional articles. If something was giving bad advice, you could tell by the number of downvotes and then find the reason in the comments (e.g. electricians saying that's a stupid ass way to do that and going to get you killed). Websites have no such mechanism and google's search rank AI certainly isn't smart enough to identify bullshit. In fact, it's argue it's worse because the people writing bullshit have studied what makes the rank AI work and game the ranking system.