r/dashcamgifs Jan 08 '23

Guy didn't yield on left turn.



u/stromm Jan 08 '23

Double dumbass.

If you’re going to make an illegal turn, don’t stop once you’re directly in front of the oncoming vehicle.


u/Ordinary_dude_NOT Jan 08 '23

Yeah, that driver literally stopped. Maybe there a pedestrian crossing the road at that time, but overall bad timing.


u/jibjab23 Jan 08 '23

Stops for the "pedestrian crossing the road" but not for the car they're illegally blocking 🤣.

Most likely their brain got into gear and they realised they fucked up moments before the impact.


u/iliveoffofbagels Jan 09 '23

You say that, but even some random people not cutting anybody off will accelerate super hard at the moment the light turns green, but about a half second into a turn they'll just kinda forget what accelerating is.


u/dbdg69 Jan 08 '23

Idk man. Can’t tell for sure but it kinda looks like it’s a protected left because of how many lights on the poles.


u/Wagadodw Jan 08 '23

The green arrow was not lit. Shared this with the police who agreed that car should have yielded to the truck.


u/dbdg69 Jan 08 '23

Are we watching the same video? Assuming that the left two lights are left turn arrows, then they turned green with the straight away arrows.


u/Wagadodw Jan 08 '23

It is had to see in the video, but the left light has a yellow arrow position and green arrow lamp below the solid green light. If the green arrow was lit, it would have been below the left green light. Or two lights would be lit on the left. There is a third traffic light on the corner pole.


u/jibjab23 Jan 08 '23

How are you making anything out of blobs of light? I can't even tell the colour other than not red.


u/JuIesWinnfield Jan 08 '23

They yielded, just at the wrong time.


u/blackpeppercornbeef Jan 08 '23

Not only didn’t yield, buddy just straight up stopped


u/Ludwig33333 Jan 08 '23

Two headlights is overrated


u/iXenite Jan 08 '23

I always assume someone is going to do something stupid like this, it’s saved me more than once.


u/[deleted] Jan 08 '23

I cant stand intersections like this. Every time I go into a big city I see these. Like who designed them and why are they still in use? Like when it’s busy as hell you basically cannot turn left because you’re yielding and can only go basically as it’s turning red for you. So like only one car can go at a time. The dumbest traffic light system ever. I remember I almost hit a cop in Los Angeles in one of these.


u/TyRocken Jan 09 '23

Videos like this, and this sub in general, is why I got a dash cam.


u/Kev42o4o8 Jan 09 '23

Technically he did yield but right in front of the other vehicle.


u/LillyEpstein Jan 09 '23

If he doesn’t hit the brakes to stop right in front of the truck then still no contact.


u/dbdg69 Jan 08 '23

Can we confirm that’s not a protected left turn?


u/alienbringer Jan 08 '23

Op stated it was not.


u/dbdg69 Jan 08 '23

That’s a weird looking stoplight then.


u/alienbringer Jan 08 '23 edited Jan 08 '23

How so? There are 2 lanes and 1 turn lane. Each main lane gets a green, and if there is no green arrow then the left then is treated like a yield.

Edit - basically the light could be like THIS. Those 2 lights are enough to cover a 2 lane + left turn lane road.


u/ThatOneIKnow Jan 08 '23

There's not enough pixels in the video to be sure. But to the left of the crossing, there's an extra greenish blob, which would IMHO only make sense to indicate a protected left.

But as an European, I am unfamiliar with US traffic lights placement, so I might be totally off :-|


u/draft19 Jan 08 '23


u/Wagadodw Jan 08 '23

Never heard it named. Interesting


u/jibjab23 Jan 08 '23

The bottom image where it hits the pedestrian, why is the car drifting the corner?


u/washburncincy Jan 08 '23

Is it just me or did the oncoming vehicle do like the bare minimum in maneuvering?


u/Shadowyboi Jan 08 '23

Probably didn't expect the car to make an illegal left turn. By the time the car at fault cut into the intersection, looks like the truck was about at the stop line on the other side, factor in reaction time and whatever speed he was going and you get this.


u/unearthk Jan 08 '23

I mean the suv literally pulled in front of him and comes to a stop.. maybe he was expecting the asshole to move instead of stop.


u/jibjab23 Jan 08 '23

It can be real hard in the dark to distinguish what blobs of light are doing before it's too late. If the lights are badly misaligned or they're on a slight rise compared to the other car, it can dazzle you and you only have a 2D "image" in front of you and you're unable to make out depth.


u/BushDidN0thingWr0ng Jan 08 '23

The video starts with a red light and changes to green on all poles facing the cammer. Imo it looks like the truck tried to run a red


u/Wagadodw Jan 08 '23

The truck was in motion before the light turned green.


u/BushDidN0thingWr0ng Jan 08 '23

It looks like the truck was approaching the light, rather than at the light


u/bartobas Jan 08 '23

very uninteresting thank you


u/1WildIndian1963 Jan 09 '23

I had this happen a while back. Guy turned then stopped. I could t-bone him or head on the other lanes. I picked t-bone. Horrible idea. He was in an old lifted 4wd chevy van, I was in a Mazda. I lost. Snapped both my wrists, and broke my right knee cap an the tibia under it. I was doing 30 mph.