r/dashcamgifs Jan 20 '23

Is he doing that on purpose? I can't tell.



u/CyBerImPlaNt Jan 20 '23

Broken tie rod likely


u/DontReadUsernames Jan 20 '23

Broken brakes also apparently. He was almost stopped and then kept going in a full circle


u/CyBerImPlaNt Jan 20 '23

Could have ripped off the brake line when the rod broke.


u/CarbonKevinYWG Feb 01 '23

Except brakes have two isolated circuits, so the rears still would work.


u/CyBerImPlaNt Feb 01 '23

Well I hit a deer and lost all brakes when the line snapped from slamming the pedal to the floor. Coasted to a stop.


u/CarbonKevinYWG Feb 01 '23

One of two things happened there.

1) You may have catastrophically damaged your master cylinder in the collision. Unlikely, but possible.

2) Your rear brakes were already toast before the collision, and you were depending entirely on your fronts, which then failed in the collision. More likely.


u/NJBillK1 Feb 22 '23

If it ever happens again, use the shift lever to gradually shift down and get down to first gear to slow your speed manually. This can damage your transmission, but better that than a higher speed accident.


u/CyBerImPlaNt Feb 23 '23

I was only 17 at the time and I held it between the ditches and got it stopped. Police that arrived said I was lucky.


u/em1091 Jan 20 '23

Definitely not. Either something crucial to the steering broke or it’s a medical event.


u/Wardencliff-Tower Jan 23 '23

Well now I feel bad for laughing


u/Astranabis Jan 20 '23

Honestly looks like the poor guy had a seizure... He seems to have twitched initially then kept seizing until he lost conciseness with the wheel turned to the right...


u/[deleted] Jan 21 '23

I don't remember if this was video was posted before and a source confirmed it was actually a seizure, or it could have been a similar one. Point is that looks more like a medical emergency than a mechanical failure.


u/tat21985 Jan 20 '23

Maybe a medical event?


u/Empathetic_Orch Jan 20 '23

Vibing to the music a little too hard.


u/rearadmiraldumbass Jan 21 '23

Doesn't seem like a steering component. Might be a failed wheel?


u/dubufeetfak Jan 23 '23

Im guessing a seizure and they tried to keep damages low, seems like they're trying to keep car off-road after first collision. Kinda sad


u/scream-sayonara Jan 21 '23

My first thought was a seizure


u/tekkie1618 Jan 20 '23

It's explained every time this clip is reposted...


u/skyeyemx Jan 21 '23

Care to explain for us, o wise one?


u/PillsAndBills Jan 20 '23

Oh no, apologies we didn't scour Reddit for the post first. Thanks neckbeard!


u/egus Jan 20 '23

CV joint broke


u/daremosan Jan 21 '23

When you see him come around and hit the car again at the end say "boop" it really adds to the video.