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Welcome to /r/Dashcamgifs - View the sub guidelines here

Hello my fellow redditors, and newcomers to the sub.

Here is a list of the guidelines of the sub. If you have any questions, please message the mods.

Currently, we allow any of the following submissions:

-Gif'd Video from a dashcam, or rear dashcam.

-Gif'd Video from a cell phone, or other camera, taken in a car, or other vehicle.

-Gif'd video from a helmet cam, or go pro.

-Gif'd video containing Dashcam footage, and other angles.

When posting, please remember:

-Submitted posts needs to be in a Gif-like format. Meaning .gif .gifv .webm .mp4(as long as it is gif-like) are acceptable. Please link directly to the image, and not to the webpage.

-Any posts with visible gore, or death need to be set as NSFW. additional types can be set in the post flair.

Here are a few examples of posts that are not allowed:

-CCTV/ Surveillance Gifs

-Gifs that are from a cellphone, but not in a car or other "vehicle".

-Links to videos that are not gif-like ( such as youtube or Vimo)

-Links to porn, or other non-relevant content

A notice about comments:

Comments involving extreme racism, sexism, offensive slurs and attacks directed at users or other people will no longer be tolerated, and can lead to being banned. Instances will be handled on a case by case basis.

We encourage discussion of things like who is at fault for the accident, or how a stupid some drivers can be. However, there is no need for things like saying all cops should be killed because one caused an accident. come on..

We currently allow a few helpful bots to comment in the posts to give crosspost, and youtube video details. Please do not report them.

The GoodBot/BadBot bot and voting is allowed.

BS spam bot comments can be reported for banning.

We are encouraging users to report posts and comments that violate the rules so they can be dealt with.

-Please leave a good reason for why it was reported.

-Abuse of this system, and multiple false reports will lead to a ban.

We hope that everyone enjoys their experience when visiting our sub.



u/ThisGuyHasABigChode Nov 29 '21

I tried to post a gif that I made on my phone, and it got automatically removed. We're not allowed to upload directly from our phone camera? Seems super inconvenient that we have to use imgur or something as a host, when other subs have no problem letting you directly upload from your phone camera.


u/burningsulfur Dec 31 '21

Hi. For some reason videos on mobile eventually start refusing to play if they're on the same subreddit Gifs will help


u/thedailytoke Feb 12 '22

Should have a pinned post of recommendations for dash cams with affiliate links. Can’t make content for this sub if I don’t have a dash cam.


u/Razorray21 Executive Producer Feb 12 '22

Check out /r/dashcam