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For the love of all that is good, VOTE.


If you want to preserve democracy, VOTE this Election Day. It may very well be the last time you will get to vote in a democratic election and have a say in the country's leadership. Is the system perfect? No. But it surely beats all the others, including authoritarianism. And one party has clearly embraced tyranny, violence, election denial, and lies.

VOTE. Vote like your life depends on it. Like your rights depend on it. Do not stay at home. Do not refuse to vote and then whine about how bad things are, because apathy doesn't solve anything. Vote with your conscience.

There is way too much at stake here for one to just simply NOT vote. It's your civic duty and a moral duty. This is what democracy is all about. There are countries right now where people cannot vote and the elections are fake or rigged. So vote. Vote because you may not get the chance to do so in the future. Be thankful you have the right to vote. Women fought for decades to get that right, and we the people fought to vote for even longer than that. But rights can easily be taken away if we let authoritarians do what they want. And once our rights are taken from us, they are very difficult to take back. It's happened before in history and it may happen again.

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BTRTN: SpeakerRama, DocuDrama, National Trauma

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Democratic Globalisation

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Interesting post by The Economist. Most-to-least democratic countries.

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Nikki Haley for President?


So, Nikki Haley, the former governor of South Carolina and Trump’s appointed envoy to the United Nations, now wants to be president of the United States.

South Carolina is an interesting place, with two Republican senators. The longest-serving, Lindsey Graham, whose views bounce around like the doo-dad in Pong, has an interesting history. Most notable are his changing views on Trump, first, he calls him names, then he wholeheartedly supports him, and then he hates him, then is Trump’s most loyal advocate. What he doesn’t understand is Trump’s sexual proclivities do not match his and will never take him out on a date.

The second, a self-hating black man, Tim Scott, refuses to consider what his colleagues in the cloakroom have to say about him when he closes the door behind him. This is South Carolina, so ‘nuff said.

But I digress – South Carolina.

The state has been under complete Republican control since 2003 and continues to wallow in the slime pool of lethargy and the doldrums of inefficiency as if those conditions were baked into its corn pone.

Consider, according to US NEWS, the state ranks #44 in education, #34 in healthcare, #46 in crime, #18 in economy, #36 in infrastructure, and #42 overall! 

(This just reported on NPR, it is also #1 (proportionally) in highway fatalities, and # 3 in overall crashes.)

So, Nikki Haley for president? If you want the US to be ranked #42 in the nations of the world, you picked the right girl to do it.

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These are long days and torturous nights for Paul Gosar and Kelli Ward, both of whom have shown support for the insurrectionists at the United States Capitol. 

The Justice Department is deep into multiple investigations, investigations bolstered by evidence provided by the Jan. 6th Committee of the failed coup attempt, and they now possess a ‘landslide of evidence 'most of which comes from cell phones seized by the FBI. 

They have recovered a treasure-trove of information from the phones of Giuliani, Eastman, Scott Perry, Mike Lindell, Boris Eashteyn, Victoria Toensing, (both Giuliani advisors) Michael McDonald, and Jeffrey Clarke, just to name a few.

For a few brief moments this week, the sugar plums of sedition again danced in congressional heads when the courts issued a hold on Scott Perry’s phone. Ah, but the funny thing about telephones is they are two-way devices.

In the heat of the insurrection phone calls, text messages, and emails flew about the government like newspapers on a New York City Street in a windstorm, but unlike the newspapers, these have been collected, collated. and compiled into binders related to specific schemes and to specific personages, to overthrow our democracy.

Schemes like mounting a concerted effort to invalidate a legitimate vote, schemes like falsifying a slate of phony electors to change the vote, and most insidious of all, a scheme to replace a recalcitrant Attorney General with a stooge who would claim he sees irregularities in the election and will have the military seize the voting machines where, God knows, what would be done to them.

Yes, there are heavy heads on pillows as the Justice Department completes its mission. Gosar and Ward aren’t the only ones sleeping a fitful sleep, they are joined by Mo Brooks, Louie Gohmert, Matt Gaetz, Andy Biggs, Josh Hawley, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, Tom Cotton, Mike Lee, Lauren Boebert, Jim Banks, and others in their sweat-soaked tossing and turning.

It’s taking some time, but you know what they say about the wheels of Justice.

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Republican House Oversight Committee disbands Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

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Google, ISP's, and the line


I'm wondering if someone may be able to weigh in on something I've been wondering here about Google. And that something is exactly this.

Where's the line?

Amnesty International says that the right to not be tracked, traced, surveilled, and recorded is a human right. A basic human right.

So nationality aside it's a right. No matter who you are or where you are, it's a basic human right.

Now, there are procedures that law enforcement and the like can take to circumvent these rights. That's obviously a good thing, a necessity. Not the US shotgun approach of throwing darts at a map or choosing a number between 1 and 350 000 000 mind you, but approaches developed by countries who DO NOT have a maximum permissible IQ of 102 for law enforcement, is what I am referring to.

In Canada it's my understanding that human rights CANNOT be waived. And this MUST be the case as suicide is illegal. Meaning a person CANNOT waive their rights to life and everything else that would preclude it's end. Correct?

Now, if this is all correct, why the f is Google allowed to? They do not have subpoenas for everyone and their Terms of Service agreement should be null and void. No?

I mean... it would be one thing if internet service was provided by the government. Then they would at least have the authority to do what the current ones are doing illegally. Buy we'd get like tax breaks, far better prices, and other advantages. Know what I mean? They would be and do everything they currently do, but they'd have lots more bonuses.

What you paid for internet would go to fixing that pothole on the way to work. It'd get the power back on when a storm hits. It'd make sure that idiot who robbed you was already in jail before he could hit your house.

Right now it just seems to provide a bed for a couple assholes who love collecting dick pics...

I dunno buds and babes, they say these are democracies. Democracies are not run by their presidents or prime ministers. They are run by the majority. And that's a period on that.

I vote to absorb them. So that's 1. Who's with me?

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Trump Biden Documents Reveal A True American Democracy Dysfunction

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The world’s democracies need to stick together. Maintaining a united front in Ukraine and on China is getting harder.

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Drug Cartels and Irish Politics

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Israelis Demonstrate to save democracy, while their army kills Palestinians mere miles away

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Voter Disenfranchisement, By the Numbers

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Report: Much of Africa Less Safe, Democratic Than in 2012

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The world’s democracies need to stick together

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Internet Archive takes down upload of BBC documentary critical of PM Modi

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CALLING ALL FORMER MILITARY LEADERS! Like Uncle Sam, but less tyrannical, WE WANT YOU!!

I am a medically retired Infantry Sergeant First Class, and co-host is an Active-Duty Army Major.

We made a channel about leadership and expose the nonsense that has been going on within our government and military ranks, and pointing out the fact that we better make a stand soon before everybody's enslaved under a tyrannical globalist state.

Please come check out the channel, and please reach out on here, YouTube, or email posted in the YouTube description.

If you have a story to tell, we want to hear from you. If you were wronged by your leadership, we want to hear from you. If your religious beliefs were ignored, we want to hear from you....if you took it under fear or duress or feelings of not having a choice, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

If you consider yourself a leader of this generation, and have a message to spread, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU.

COME JOIN "5th Generation Leadership" and be a part of THE LEADERSHIP REVOLUTION!


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Living by each other’s happiness not misery

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Hollowing out of Democracy


The hollowing out of democracy has been caused by a grotesque celebration of greed, the massive growth of inequality, a culture of cruelty, and a disdain for public virtues, all wrapped up in an authoritarian populism. Indian Political Thinker,  Dr. Ambedkar had warned, "If things go wrong under the new constitution, the reason will not be that we had a bad constitution. We would like to say that man was vile." In the 21st century, democracy is not wiped out any more by tanks overrunning parliament; it dies from within because good people are silent and weak people surrender.

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Inside Putin’s Imaginarium- An Interview with a Russian Émigré

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Tech titans are a 'risk to democracy:' Ian Bremmer

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Democracy is right for everyone because nuclear war is wrong for everyone.


High-income democracies have several key advantages. First, they never or almost never fight wars with one another.

Second, they are very stable. There are almost 40 developed democracies with more than a million population. The United States may have been the first developed democracy. I estimate the USA achieved this a little more than eighty years ago. Romania was perhaps the last to join the club before COVID. Add them all together they have very roughly a millennium and a half of avoiding dictatorship.

Third, rich democracies, particularly those where the majority of the exports are industrial are also economically stable, so once they firmly enter the high-income category they stay in the high-income category, as determined by the World Bank.

So a world of rich democracies would be a world at peace which is great especially given the existence of nuclear weapons. (May they rust in peace.)

Fourth, most people, though not all, want to live in a rich democracy.

Fifth, rich democracies are not a dream that no one has ever seen. As stated above, there are close to forty rich democracies with a population of over a million population and collectively they have successfully survived about one and a half thousand years.

Developed or high-income economies have a gross national income of a little more than 13 thousand dollars a year in 2021 us dollars. This definition comes from the World Bank.

Here is a link to the World Bank list of high-income countries.


Scroll down the page to find the list.

Here is a list of countries categorized by Freedom House as free, partially free, and not free.


Here is my list of countries that are both high-income according to the World Bank and free according to Freedom House.


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Why can't we implement direct democracy? Technologically it's possible so the question is should we, how would we, and why would we do so?


Biggest problem I see are interest groups like NRA bruteforcing legislation but that could be amended by requiring a certain threshold of votes before a law passing. Besides that the system could be used to complement the already in place legislature instead of completely superseding it.

What about the budget? Average person has no frame of reference when it comes to expenditure.
It could be used as an tool to oppose unpopular cuts or increases in spending instead of giving specific numbers. People couldn't drive their personal agenda but they could oppose cuts to something like healthcare or kickbacks to the rich. This would me society more pluralistic without making impasses a thing

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TRIGGER ALERT: Direct Democracy. Dangerous? Or a weapon to wield against corruption? Let's discuss.


Our biggest problem is that our systems are corrupted.  Agree?

We could harness the dangerous power of direct democracy and aim it back at the people corrupting our systems.

America is a limited direct democracy, and it worked pretty well until it was corrupted.

See if this resonates with you. Or rubs you wrong. But please try to give it a fair shake before commenting on just the title. We know that direct democracy is dangerous. Two wolves and a sheep voting on what is for dinner. It is a dangerous weapon, yes, but if we can avoid pointing it at each other, we could use it on one mission - our BIGGEST problem:

Let's fix our systems and stop the corruption. Read our position here :