r/gifextra Nov 10 '22

I highly recommend checking out the new Weird Al movie



u/Denadaguapa Nov 10 '22

This movie was so ridiculous, I loved it


u/fatman06 Nov 10 '22

Loved Conan as Worhal


u/Gohomepatyouredrunk Nov 10 '22

It was like Weird Al had a fever dream. I never knew that's what I wanted to watch, but I did.


u/Jellodyne Nov 10 '22 edited Nov 10 '22

Conan is a good half a foot taller than Andy Warhol was. How could they have cast an actor so far off the height of the role he's playing. Completely unwatchable.

Imagine if they had this kind of height disparity in the lead role!


u/QuicklyThisWay Nov 10 '22

People downvoting you not realizing you are joking… Daniel Ratcliffe as Weird Al, it’s funny!


u/Jellodyne Nov 10 '22

Weird Al is an inch taller than Warhol was in real life (6' vs 5'11"), in the movie he is almost a foot shorter (5'5" vs 6'4")!


u/thepixelpaint Nov 11 '22

Each new plot point only got more ridiculous than the last. I loved it.


u/Rudrix Nov 10 '22

is this clip from the movie?


u/CeruleanRuin Nov 11 '22

Ha, I missed that line when I watched it.


u/taosaur Nov 10 '22

I haven't been able to finish it, partly due to the corniness / blandness and partly because of commercials. It is 100% a matching vibe for Weird Al's music, but there's a reason I haven't been into Weird All since I was 14 or so.


u/Jeremy252 Nov 11 '22

Then why in God's name did you even bother trying to watch it?


u/taosaur Nov 11 '22

Nostalgia test. Came back negative.